5 Ways the New Ford Mustang Means Big Business Worldwide

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The Ford Motor Company has just unveiled the newest version of its iconic Mustang car, and the automaker is hoping that this latest take on the vaunted vehicle will be a boon for sales worldwide. The first Mustangs took to the roads in 1964, thus the release of the 2015 model next year (carmakers almost universally release a vehicle whose model year is one year ahead of the calendar year, for reference) will mark the half century birthday of this line of sports cars. The 2015 model is the first member of the 6th generation of Mustangs, meaning it has been extensively redesigned and reengineered. With a little luck and a lot of great PR and marketing, the newest Mustang may also lead to extensive profits.

5 The New Mustang Will Be Available in Right Hand Drive

For the past half century, anyone who lived in a right hand drive country, such as the UK, Australia and India, to name a few, has been unable to purchase a Ford Mustang suited for their driving situation (barring extensive and expensive aftermarket alterations). As part of its drive to make the Mustang a global car, Ford is finally releasing the 6th generation Mustangs in versions designed for both left and right hand side drivers.

4 Mustangs Have Not Been Sold in Europe in More Than 30 Years

The last time a Ford Mustang was available in one of the world’s largest automobile markets was 1979. Mustangs have not been available to Europeans save by exorbitantly pricey overseas shipping since then. The 2015 Mustang will mark the triumphant return of an American icon to a market very much hungry for exciting, powerful new cars. The car debuted on the same day in several American cities, and in Shanghai, Barcelona and Sydney.

3 The Mustang Is Ford’s Most Famous Car, But Far From Its Best Seller

According to numbers assembled by Fox News, Ford sells more pickup trucks in a given week than it sells Mustangs in the course of an entire month. And sales of its other vehicles, such as the Fusion sedan and the Escape compact sport utility vehicle outpace sales of the Mustang handily. Still, the Mustang remains the perceived flagship vehicle of the brand, thus a successful and highly visible launch of the 2015 edition of that vehicle should bring more customers to the Ford Motor Company thanks to a swirl of publicity.

2 The New Mustang Comes With Multiple Engines for Myriad Markets

Ford is hoping to bridge the gap between the rugged American approach to car design and the subtler, more circumspect engineering of many foreign vehicles. Thus while the 2015 Mustangs can be purchased with the most common V-6 engines and with mighty V-8s, they are also being offered with “four-cylinder Eco-boost” engines aimed at the overseas drivers more accustomed to compact cars offering better fuel economy.

1 Even the Four-Cylinder Mustang Is Still All Muscle

The “full powered” 2015 Mustangs, with their 5.0 liter V-8 engines will pack a mighty 420 horsepower under their rumbling hoods. But perhaps even more impressive than that is the fact that the four-cylinder Eco Boost Mustangs ostensible intended for overseas sales will still boast a potent 305 horsepower thanks to turbocharging technology. For drivers with the need for speed and a desire for decent fuel economy, this is the proverbial “have your cake and eat it too” vehicle.

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