5 Unusual Uses for Diamonds

A diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but did you know it can also be a doctor’s, an engraver’s, and even a computer nerd’s as well? Diamonds may primarily be decorative, but they can also be utilized beyond jewelry purposes and well into industrial and even scientific ones. Let’s take a look at five of the most unexpected and unusual uses for these precious (and expensive) stones.

5 To enhance sound quality

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Audiophiles now have a valid reason to love diamonds: they have been proven to enhance sound quality in speakers. Diamonds are so durable, they make ideal thin domes to enhance the performance of speakers. Many materials in current speaker domes can warp or get deformed over time, causing a significant deterioration in sound quality as time goes by. With diamonds as main components, this is not likely to happen.

4 To pave the way for super-computers

Image credit: Phys.org

Diamonds are being touted to replace the current silicon technology which computers depend on. Researchers are now looking into how diamonds can contribute to faster computer processing or quantum computing. Scientists believe that the natural molecular structure of diamonds is ideal for transferring information much, much faster than the existing technology, and with more security, to boot.

3 For aiding cancer therapy medication

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Even in the past, many swore by the therapeutic and antidotal effect of diamonds against a wide array of diseases and illnesses, though it was unclear exactly how diamonds are supposed to be used by patients. Today, medical tests are being done on how diamonds can help cancer patients respond better to chemotherapy treatment via skin patches treated with diamond dust. Many scientists believe that diamond particles can help ease cancer drugs into the system minus the unpleasant side effects typically associated with chemotherapy.

2 For faster construction work

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Diamonds are some of the toughest materials in the world. It only makes sense that they have a place in the construction and building industry. Construction work needing speedier and more efficient means of boring through stone necessitate drill bits with diamond chips embedded in them. Though expensive, these tools make the work faster for large-scale construction projects, and with less room for error.

1 For exfoliating facial skin

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The term “diamond peel” in many skin care and dermatological centers isn’t just something fancy that someone enterprising came up with to justify the price of this facial treatment. Dermatologists refer to this fast, non-surgical procedure as microdermabrasion. Its objective is to take away dead skin cells, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, and give the skin a youthful glow. Fine diamond chips are used in microdermabrasion wands to exfoliate the skin. It does the job gently and safely, and is ideal for even those with sensitive epidermis.

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