5 Unique Characteristics That Make Twitter Stand Out

Image Credit: Edudemic.com

Social networks, in all their forms, are a dime a dozen. Of course everyone defines that overused term differently but in the traditional sense, any platform used to connect people socially falls under the category of a social network. If you count all the mobile apps, websites and platforms, you would probably reach a number of social networks that would make you laugh.

Then there are the leaders in the social space which include the beast, Facebook, the new and still unpopular kid, Google+, and the lovable kid everyone wants to be friends with, Twitter.

So how is it that Facebook users don’t stop complaining about the platform, its frequent changes and privacy issues, yet Twitter users, as a whole, love to tweet and to talk about tweeting?

What makes Twitter so lovable? Here are five of the main reasons people still love Twitter:

5 The Ecosystem is Still Alive

Here is a tricky one because this might not be true anymore very shortly, if I am judging by Twitter’s recent decisions. As I write these words, there are some fantastic 3rd party apps to access and use Twitter. These include Tweetdeck (the native one—Mobile and Air are dead), Tweetbot, Buffer, Falcon Pro, Boid and so many others. The Twitter ecosystem is what makes it unique and Twitter, the company, should embrace it, instead of suffocating it. Just saying…

4 Hold Still…

Nothing beats consistency and on the flip side, nothing is more annoying than inconsistencies. That is true about people and it is true about platforms. All in all, Twitter has added some much-needed functionality over the years, but it has remained mostly the same basic 140 character based platform we all grew to love. Twitter wrote the book on “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

3 Something in the Air

If you have used Twitter for more than sending your first “OK, joined Twitter, now what?” update, you are aware that the culture there among active users, is like nothing else on the web. People are… wait for it… nice. I can’t explain it to you but as a rule, people on Twitter are friendly, pleasant, open to meeting new and interesting folks and always willing to help. If I had to stereotype a Google+ user, I would say, many of them are Google zealots, and Facebook users? Well, there are just too many cats there.

2 Everyone Loves a Success Story

I don’t think anyone in their right mind imagined that Twitter would get this big. Even the founders surely never envisioned this. Twitter merely a service loosely based on SMS limitations that would enable you to talk to many instead of the traditional SMS one-on-one. Really, that is all. No technology, nothing ground-breaking and Twitter proves once again, that when it comes to the success of a product, patents, innovation and originality, are not always needed when the timing is right and the execution is brilliant.

1 Simple is the New Advanced

Given all the web and mobile technology we have today, Twitter could have easily become the all-in-one social platform for sharing music, videos, pictures, text, location, etc. It chose not to. Yes, there is Twitter Music and Vine but as far as the user experience goes, those are separate entities. Facebook is becoming too dominant and it is beginning to make people uncomfortable. If you want a simple text-based real-time source of information and communication, nothing beats Twitter.

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