5 Unexpected Jobs Famous Folks Had Pre-Fame

In the journey of life, not all our favorite celebs had it easy. There are many famous people who did unexpected jobs to survive and push their careers.

Sure, some got it right from the initial stage. Take former-president Barack Obama, who, working backward from the presidency, served at the federal congressional level, preceded by the state level, preceded by the local level, preceded by a successful law background. Or take actors like Drew Barrymore who have been on the silver screen since they were children.

Other times, the folks we celebrate as celebrities or admire for their political, humanitarian or business success – or, for that matter, those who we loathe for the harm they have done – end up in their notable positions after time spent on markedly different life paths.

Here are five famous people who did unexpected jobs before they were famous:

5.) President Harry Truman

Harry Truman - The 33rd president of the United states did a number of unexpectd jobs before getting into the oval office

Famous Biographies

One of the famous people who did unexpected jobs before they got famous was President Harry Truman.

Truman was the 33rd president of the United States of America following the death of Theodore Roosevelt in 1945. He was president from 1945-1953.

However, before he became famous as president, Harry Truman worked some unexpected jobs as a teenager. Due to his family’s financial troubles, Truman had to drop out of school and later took a job in the mailroom of a Kansas mailing outfit. After leaving the mailing company, he went on to work as a bank clerk and a construction worker.

Later, in 1906, he left his job as a bank clerk to work on his family farm, where he worked for almost a decade. When his father died in 1914, Truman was devastated by the death and left the farm business to other members of the family while he went out to find another job.

It was during this period that he founded a small mining company and became a partner in an oil company, none of which brought him any financial returns or relief.

President Harry Truman, before OKing the only-ever hostile usage of nuclear weapons, was at one point in debt up to his eyeballs after his clothing business failed. In fact, Truman’s business failed so colossally, he was paying off the failure for almost a decade and a half.

His business life did manage to vault him into political life, though, and we assume that by the time he had his finger on The Button, any creditors still awaiting payment decided to fall silent.