5 Unexpected Jesus Sightings Which Hint at His Omnipresence

Whether you consider him your personal savior, or just believe him to be an admirable historical figure, there’s no denying that Jesus Christ is one of the most significant characters in all of human existence. Divisive at times, he is a figure that remains relevant in both religion and world history, and had an undeniably massive influence in the short time that he spent on this planet.

So for all his popularity and weight, it seems odd that he would keep popping up in such weird places, but he does. It seems that at least once a year, a new story crops up about someone claiming they’ve spotted the foremost Christian symbol in the oddest of places. Most recently, in some tile at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. So are they miracles, coincidences or decent Photoshop jobs? Who knows…

5 Receipt

Image Credit: Amazonaws.com

Let’s preface this one with a couple of initial points; firstly, it happened in South Carolina, and second, it was a Wal-Mart receipt. So, make of that what you will. In any case, a couple claims they returned from church one Sunday morning only to see that the receipt they had left on their floor for a few days (because that’s what you do with receipts) suddenly bore the face of their Lord and Savior.

4 Pizza

Image Credit: Edgecastcdn.net

First of all, let’s acknowledge that if Christ is going to return to Earth in food form, it may as well be on a delicious cheesy treat that everyone loves. And who doesn’t love pizza? According to a report out of Brisbane, Australia, the undeniable image of the face of Jesus appeared on a local pizza shop’s three-cheese specialty. Whether or not this is truly a holy likeness still leaves one big issue… this looks like a pretty disappointing pizza.

3 Dead Stingray

Image Credit: Disinfo.com

In another aquatic-related Christ spotting, a woman claimed to have seen the face of Jesus on the back of a washed up, dead stingray. So is this really the face of the Lamb of God, or is this just a South Carolina woman attaching a bit too much religious significance to a smelly carcass she found on the beach? It seems ridiculous, but who knows? Maybe a higher power was smiting this creature for taking out Steve Irwin.

2 Fish Sticks

It’s hard to believe that the Gorton’s Fisherman might be the one to come across a miraculous holy visage, but check it out, there he is. This supposed image of the face of Jesus appeared on a burnt fish stick, raising many questions. Is that the Son of God? Is that The Phantom of the Opera? And perhaps most importantly, who burnt the hell out of my fishsticks?

1 Dog Butt

Image Credit: Sodahead.com

Perhaps the strangest case of a Jesus sighting yet, two separate stories now claim to have found the King of Kings on… well, their dog’s ass. While it seems an unlikely (and also hard to notice) place to find an image of Christ, it’s tough to deny that these particular canines’ hindquarters bear a striking resemblance to Jesus. It’s even harder to say for sure what either of these people were doing spending such considerable time looking at their dogs’ buttholes, but hey, do your thing.

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