5 Twitter Mistakes People Are Still Making in 2013!

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We have all heard of Twitter, the microblogging social platform quickly making its way into mainstream consciousness. But how many of us use it regularly and more importantly, how many of us use it to its maximum potential?

Every day, billions of tweets are sent and hundreds of millions of people use Twitter. But even in 2013, and despite all the resources available to a new Twitter user, the same mistakes are repeated every day throughout the Twitterverse. (Did I just use that word? Yes, yes I did.)

Here are five mistakes people, not only newbies, continue to make on Twitter every minute of every day:

5 Flipping the Ratio of your Ears and Mouth:

Someone smart once said: “You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that ratio.” When it comes to Twitter, stop broadcasting and start communicating. Like many things on the social web, this is difficult to quantify; but if I open my Twitter feed and less than eight of my last 10 tweets are replies to people, I am disappointed. Yes, Twitter is great for pushing traffic, but the best way to do that is by connecting with people who, through your relationship, become interested in you and your content.

4 Hashtag Abuse:

A hashtag does not equal a social media strategy. Excessive hashtagging in the hopes that your tweet will appear in some abstract search is a waste of your time. Use hashtags wisely and once again, be authentic. Stop thinking about how to find followers, and the followers will find you.

3 Automation of Pretty Much Any Kind:

Listen, this one has been debated by people smarter than me, but if you want a truly engaged audience, you need to be authentic. Using software that automates any part of the network-building process will surely result in a network that is itself automated–spammers, bots, etc. Spend the time building your network and the more you put in, the more you get out.

2 Shout-Outs Done Wrong:

Here is one most people do not know. If you start a tweet with an @ sign, the only people who see the tweet are you and the person who you tagged. If you want all your followers to see it, tag the person in the middle or end of the tweet. Don’t write: “@Hilzfuld is awesome.” Write: “You know who’s awesome? @Hilzfuld is!” Another trick people seem to like is simply adding a dot before the @ sign so the tweet is public. Either way gets the job done.

1 Plain Old Spam:

It is a different platform, but the tactic remains the same. Send out bulk tweets with a link to some random product you are trying to sell, an e-book, a blog post, or even an app. Spamming people is not the way to go. It wasn’t the way to go with email, and it isn’t the way to go on Twitter. Don’t, just don’t.

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