5 Twists to Recent Criminal Cases

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Just because the verdict has been handed down, the jurors have been let out of sequestration and those in the media have shifted their attention back to twerking and/or war zones, that doesn’t mean that a given court case’s story is over. Indeed, the criminal cases that catch national attention are rarely without their twists and turns in the run-up to the verdict, and these sordid stories seldom stop the moment the gavel falls. Today we will update you on the latest news from a handful of stories you’ve heard way too much about in the past, but might not have kept up with as of late.

5 George Zimmerman is Getting Divorced

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Say what you will about the verdict handed down to George Zimmerman, the infamous neighborhood watch volunteer who shot an unnamed teenager to death: he may have, arguably, gotten away with murder, but he’s still having a pretty rough year. Already the target of spite and ire from millions of people around the nation, Zimmerman apparently also became the object of ire from his own wife, Shellie, who has filed for divorce.

4 Lance Armstrong Gives Back

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No, we don’t mean Lance Armstrong is giving money to charity or anything like that, we mean this cheater is paying back well over a million dollars to the Sunday Times of London, a newspaper he sued for libel after it published articles conjecturing over his use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. After Lance’s extremely public confession to doing just that, it was pretty easy to re-settle this case.

3 Bradley Manning Doesn’t Want to be a Man

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Private First Class Bradley Manning, the soldier charged with multiple crimes for leaking thousands of classified “cables” to the website WikiLeaks, has been sentenced to three and a half decades in prison. But he doesn’t want to serve that time as Bradley Manning; he wants to serve it as Chelsea Manning: PFC. Manning wants to undergo gender reassignment therapy. Now, we genuinely feel for this individual who has clearly been through an immense out of stress while under global scrutiny, and we are sorry Manning feels so uncomfortable in his current gender and hope all the best for Bradley/Chelsea in the future, but still, one must admit… that’s quite a twist!

2 More Drama for Bo Xilai and the Chinese Elite

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If you didn’t follow the serpentine saga that is the story of Chinese politician Bo Xilai, this may be a lot to swallow at once, but here goes: Bo was a prominent politician who served as the mayor of the city of Dalian, was a member of the Chinese Party Congress, served as a governor of Liaoning province and was even seen as potential presidential material. Then his wife was charged with murdering a British businessman, Bo was charged with corruption and graft, and now allegations of romantic overtures from a disgraced police chief directed at Bo’s (murderous) wife have emerged, along with rumors of infidelity. Basically, it’s a soap opera.

1 Ariel Castro Ends His Own Life

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While we’re pretty sure that hell is not a real place, we are 100% sure that if it is, Ariel Castro is writhing in agony there. We would have preferred to see this monstrous predator first rot in prison for decades and then burn in hell, of course, but just a few days ago Castro committed suicide, hanging himself in his prison cell. Castro, you may recall, held three women captive in his Cleveland home for the better part of a decade. He himself spent only a few weeks in captivity before he ended his pathetic life.

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