5 Great Places to Advertise Your Business Online

Image Credit: Rafal Olechowski / Shutterstock.com
To get the most bang for your buck, it makes sense to choose the most popular search engines for your advertising needs. All of the top-ranking search engines allow the inclusion of ads, and these are the top five search engines you’ll want to get your ads on. Getting visibility and click-throughs via these search engines could go a long way in boosting your website traffic and business growth.

5 AOL Search

Image Credit: Aol.com

AOL lays claim to 1.3 percent of the global Internet search market, and despite once being known as a bulky Internet service provider, AOL’s news site and search engine are sleek, streamlined, and user-friendly. AOL’s numerous advertising options include text and image ads that can be displayed in search results, on social networks and in AOL’s mail platform.

4 Ask

Image Credit: Ask.com

Ask promotes itself as being the search engine people go to when they have questions they need answers to, and 2.7 percent of the world’s Internet users agreed. You can reach Ask.com users using custom advertising platforms via the Ask Partner Network.

3 Yahoo

Image Credit: Yahoo.com

Yahoo, one of the Internet’s first “big” search engines, is still going strong, with a little over 11 percent of Internet users hitting its search bar in 2013’s second quarter. Advertisers can display their ads in the Yahoo Bing Network, as well as traditional text and rich, prominently displayed ads throughout search engine results and partner pages.

2 Bing

Bing, Microsoft’s up and coming search engine that has been steadily climbing the popularity ranks over the past couple of years, has plenty to offer both searchers and advertisers. In June 2013 nearly 18 percent of global Internet users relied on Bing for their searches. For advertisers, Bing offers search-based ads on both Bing and Bing partner sites, and product display ads via the Yahoo! Bing Network, which includes ad displays on eBay.

1 Google

Image Credit: Google.com

Google is the world’s No. 1 search engine, with an average of 1 billion searches each day. Google offers multiple options for advertisers, including sponsored search results (above and to the right of standard search results), ads on mobile and tablet devices and ads through Google’s network of sites, including Gmail, Maps, and YouTube.

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