5 Top Pinned Categories on Pinterest

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If you need a weekend project to keep busy or a great dish idea to bring to Sunday’s family potluck, all you need to do check out the world’s largest bulletin board: Pinterest. Often referred to, in jest, as a place for un-engaged women to plan dream weddings, this visual social network has grown in popularity. It’s simple. Users create “boards” based on a theme or interest, and then add “pins” related to the topic. These pins, which appear as image blocks, links to websites, photos, products and articles. Yes, there are engagement rings and wedding gowns, but there’s so much more. Here’s a look at the top five Pinterest categories.

5 Quotes and Inspiration

A lot of people would argue that the Internet is where extra time goes to die. But it’s impossible to leave Pinterest after minutes or hours of pinning without leaving inspired. And we don’t mean inspired to do something—we mean inspired, literally. Pinterest users have taken to pinning and repinning famous quotes, accompanied by graphics, of course. We all have those few quotes that make us smile or inspire us into change, but maybe you’ll find a brand new one for your office wall or refrigerator door on Pinterest.

4 Women’s Apparel

Depending on when you were born, you might fondly recall cutting out pages of department store catalogs—or at least dog-earing the pages—to help you remember what outfits, ensembles and accessories you want. Flipping through catalogs and fashion magazines are still helpful ways to see what is in style and what appeals to you, but Pinterest is home to a collective of fashionistas searching and scouring the web, and sharing their finds. New clothes and vintage—nothing is off limits.

3 Crafts

If you’ve been saving toilet paper tubes for a rainy day, you’re in luck. There are pinboards upon pinboards of simple or elaborate craft projects that require these cardboard cylinders: rocket ships, crowns, windsocks, packaging and an elephant, to name a few. And that is just one type of material. Pinterest is full of pins and boards that feature craft ideas for all ages, either made from scratch or that reusing items.

2 Food

It’s one of the necessities of life: food. But why just eat for nutrition when we can peruse Pinterest for snacks, desserts and concoctions that we’ve never dreamed of. What you find on the food-related boards can help you put a new spin on an old favorite or encourage you to venture out of your comfort zone. Chefs and amateurs alike will never go hungry as long as Pinterest sustains our appetite for edible pins.

1 Home – DIY and Decor

Do-it-yourself projects and home decor items are wildly popular categories for which Pinterest users have created boards. In fact, according to the Mashable website, in March 2012, about 17 percent of all pinboards are categorized under “Home.” Looking for organization tips for your closet-sized apartment? No problem. Need landscaping ideas for your sprawling lawn? Check. Bob Vila and later, entire home improvement networks on cable television no doubt empowered the everyday man and women to take remodeling and redecorating into their own hands, but Pinterest has taken it to an entirely different level.

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