15 Things You Wish Your Friends Didn’t Post on Facebook

Ahh, Facebook. You allow us to keep in touch, without really keeping in touch. We can stay updated on important events in our friends’ lives without even picking up a phone. Yay, convenience! The downside? We know more banal facts about our acquaintances than we’ve ever wanted to. There are also things you wish your friends didn’t post on Facebook. If only we all followed the same, unwritten, social-media-sharing rules. But, since we don’t, here’s a vast list of status updates we could all live without.

Here are things you wish your friends didn’t post on Facebook:

15.) Too Many Photos Of Their Baby

photos of baby names

Colin Maynard/Unsplash

Yes, their baby is cute. And you probably agree that their infant is cute and some people would like to see some photos.

When people overload Facebook’s feed with endless photos of their people, they start to get annoyed.

14.) Complaints About Work

complaining about work


When your Facebook friends complain about their job, some of their coworkers don’t like seeing their complaints. Their boss might see and it could get them in a lot of trouble.

Avoid posting negative things about work on Facebook!

13.) Full Date Of Birth


Annie Spratt/Unsplash

To access private accounts, a hacker needs to have a few pieces of personal information. One of those few pieces is a full date of birth.

If people post their full date of birth on Facebook, then hackers can get into your personal accounts like bank, email, and much more!

12.) Fake News

fake news

Kayla Velasquez/Unsplash

Fake news is always circulated around Facebook, and this could hurt people’s point of view. There are fake stories posted on Facebook about politics, science, health, and many issues.

Friends that contribute to that are part of the issue.

11.) Embarrassing Photos

embarrassing photos

Caleb Woods/Unsplash

Friends who post embarrassing photos on Facebook are the worst. These images could destroy your reputation. Potential employers could see these and could not hire you or others in the future.

Also, photos that they post could consider offensive in the future.

10.) Pyramid Scheme


Post Planner

Facebook has been the new place to post about joining a pyramid scheme. Facebook friends like this are the worst. Most people can spot a pyramid scheme when they see one.

They recruit people to their get-rich-quick scheme and the cycle continues.

9.) Politics


Randy Colas/Unsplash

Over the past few years, it seems to be common to have political debates on Facebook. One person posts their opinion and then it sparks a heated conversation.

People can lose friends over this.

8.) Off-Color Material

off color material

What might be funny to some people, might not be funny (of offensive) to others. When your Facebook friends post questionable content, others might start to hate them.

Fights have been started over this. Some Facebook friends need to watch what they say.

7.) Posting Way Too Often

posting too much

Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash

When people post too often on Facebook, then they risk annoying your friends.

If you don’t want to see their posts anymore, you will probably delete them or unfollow from seeing their posts.

6.) Announcing News For Your Friend


Mon Petit Chou Photography/Unsplash

It’s the worst when you have THAT FACEBOOK FRIEND announce your news, like an announcement. They spoiled the good news for your mutual friends and family.

Facebook friends will need to check with you before they post big news. It’s a common courtesy.

5.) Religion


Ben White/Unsplash

Similar to politics, religion is a topic that people should be talking about on Facebook. It could alienate their friends who are from different religions.

If an inappropriate religious comment is said, it can spark an argument.

4.) Home Alone

home alone

Noah Silliman/Unsplash

When your Facebook friends post that they are home alone, you want to shake your head. All it takes is for a stranger to see their post and break into their home.

If you see a Facebook friend doing this, kindly message them saying it’s not a good idea.

3.) Personal Message On Public Wall

facebook wall

Tim Bennett/Unsplash

Although Facebook does have private messaging, some do not think about this. A person might post a private message on a public profile.

These types of messages are supposed to be private. These Facebook friends need to learn how to use private messaging.

2.) Private Photos In A Facebook Message

facebook message

Christian Wiediger/Unsplash

Similar to our last point, when a Facebook friend posts an embarrassing photo on facebook that is meant for a private message, that can be the worst.

It can be found by anyone. Don’t make it public!

1.) Home Address

home address

Chris Barbalis/Unsplash

It would be silly to have a Facebook friend post their home address, but some people do it! Scammers will be able to steal their identity easier.

It could be possibly dangerous for your friend!

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