5 things you should never do when picking a girl up for your first date

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Everyone gets the first date jitters. These jitters often result in temporary memory loss or absurd behavioral consequences such as, but not limited to… loss of social skills, excessive rudeness, a sudden urgency to speak or pee, disruption of speech patterns, sweating/body odor, and acting without thinking. Here are a few things to minimize her exposure to the above.

5 Don’t Fall Silent and Create an Awkward Moment

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Clamming up would not be wise. If you are prone to shyness or have a bashful quality about you, try a quick small talk list. Find a couple of anecdotes that can act as an icebreaker when you get to the door. She’s probably just as nervous as you are so a joke might ease the tension. Looking like a deer in headlights won’t.

4 Don’t Use One Last Spray of Cologne

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Truth be told, ladies love the smell of a man — aftershave mixed with Old Spice and a touch of choice musk cologne. The idea is that when you leave my side, I can no longer smell you, so I’ll want more. If you leave a scent, I might not want to follow. Or perhaps I’ll choke because there is no breathable air within two feet of you. The answer is no, you don’t need that one last spray of cologne.

3 Don’t Ask for Gas Money

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Part of being a man and taking a gal out is that you are required to provide transportation. If you live in a metropolis without a car and plan on drinking, pay for a cab. And no, just because you take a cab doesn’t mean you ask her to, chip in. Take a loan from your roommate, recycle some cans, mow the lawn for your grandpa — do whatever you need to do to fund the entire date. First dates are about first impressions and for the sake of your ego you’ll want to give the impression that you won’t be a drain on her bank account at first blush.

2 Don’t Text from the Car or Honk

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Think about it: girls appreciate a man who goes the extra mile and also, chances are, she’s not quite ready. Call the restaurant, change the reservations, park your car (this will come back to aid your heroism later), ring/knock/call/buzz her door (bonus points for flowers). This way if she isn’t quite ready she will invite you in (see #1) to wait while she finishes. When she is ready, be a man and lead the way. When you approach your parked car, open the door for her (hero moment). You have no idea how positively this reflects on you. If you just or text from your car, you not only ruin the opportunity to be this hero, but also come off as an insensitive jerk. You’re taking her out so lead the way and create the experience.

1 Don’t Invite Yourself In

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You must have forgotten your manners because most people wouldn’t barge into a perfect stranger’s home with out being asked in, just like you wouldn’t start sifting through a homeless person’s grocery cart. Think of yourself as a vampire. If you waltz into her home without an invitation you are violating her personal space and in true first date fashion, you don’t know each other at all. You have not earned the right so don’t act like you own the place. Always pretend her father is on the other side of the door with a loaded shotgun. That way you’ll never forget your manners again.

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