5 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Hefner

Image Credit: Crystal Hefner
While most might only know her as Mrs. Hefner, Crystal Hefner first appeared on the show “The Girls Next Door” in 2008 and then graced the pages of Playboy as Miss December in 2009. Since then, she has since been busy making a name for herself in the music and fashion industry. Crystal is currently working on another clothing project and getting ready to release a new music single called “Call the Cops,” which she says has an electro/house vibe to it. Besides her own personal projects, Crystal has been busy enjoying her marriage as a newlywed to Hugh Hefner.

5 Life at the Mansion

Image Credit: Crystal Hefner

Describing the mansion as “beautiful,” Crystal said she loves living in the mansion with Hef because besides loving the grounds, the animals, the 24-hour kitchen and the trampoline, the mansion is always full of people, which keeps things fun.

“We have over 70 staff members here. Hef screens movies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at the mansion and on any given weekend we can have around 30-60 guests over for buffet and movie. On Sunday we are able to get movies straight from the theaters so that makes things even more exciting. I love having people around and get used to it pretty quick! Never a dull moment!”

4 Fashion Design

Image Credit: Veve

Besides her passion for music, Crystal has set her sight on designing. Her new bikini line, which is based out of Australia, was inspired by the playmate herself.

“I am very proud of it. It is ‘Crystal’ inspired and available at MyVeve.com/Crystal and I am also working on a lingerie line with Rhonda Shear for HSN. I admire Rhonda so much. She has built an empire in the lingerie business. I am grateful to be under her umbrella.”

3 Music Career

While most might know that Crystal is a singer, as she released two singles titled “Club Queen and “True Harmony,” most might not know that Crystal likes to DJ.

“I love to DJ and produce. I have toured around the U.S. and Australia. I’ve had the chance to DJ all types of venues and award shows, it’s been an amazing experience. My favorite DJ right now has to be Calvin Harris, so my sets definitely have some inspiration from him.”

Crystal Spinning “We are Young”

2 Age Is Just a Number

While there is a considerable age gap between Crystal and her husband, Crystal said they “Are the perfect combination. We are silly, fun and love life.”

They both enjoy some of the same activities and have a great time watching movies at the mansion together, hosting game nights and have a love for some of the same TV shows.

“You can find us watching “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Bachelor/Bachelorette,” “Ray Donovan,” “Newsroom,” “Dexter,” “True Blood” and many more!”

Crystal and Hugh Celebrate the Fourth of July

1 Meeting and Marrying Hugh Hefner

Image Credit: Crystal Hefner

“I came to a Playboy party, met Hef, and the rest is history!”

Crystal and Hef have been married for almost a year. The couple wed on Dec. 31 of 2012 at the mansion and described her husband as romantic, funny and the nicest and most kind person in the world.

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