5 Terrible Things That Didn’t Happen Over the Last 72 Hours

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A lot of awful stuff happened over this past weekend. Whether you were a Nigerian college student caught up in attacks by the terrorist group Boko Haram or if you were at a market in Baghdad when bombs went off, the world saw more than its share of bloodshed and suffering. Likewise there was psychic pain for all fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and the NY Jets. There were huge car crashes, massive building fires, political flame wars and unfortunately, much more. But on a positive note, there was also some news notable for not happening! Perhaps it’s the best we can hope for to say it could have been worse…

5 Two Trains Crashed, No One Died

A train wreck is a pretty terrible way to start off the week. But when there are zero fatalities and no serious injuries, the fact that it could have been so much worse offers victims and loved ones plenty perspective. Two CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) trains were involved in an accident Sept. 30 when a stopped train filled with passengers was smashed into by an out of service train mistakenly cruising down the same track. Many people were bruised and more shaken, but that’s about the worst of what could have been a tragedy.

4 Ted Cruz Didn’t Talk for 21 Hours

In fact, the demagogue senator hell-bent on defunding the Affordable Care Act (and clearly feathering his nest for a 2016 presidential bid) was actually forced to listen to someone else for a few minutes. Cruz appeared on the NBC program “Meet the Press” where he tried to square off against host David Gregory. Gregory effectively grilled Cruz for a justification of the methods and motives behind the senator’s agenda and actions, notably his recent grandstanding performance. For once, Cruz appeared largely at a loss for words, or at least words actually addressing any of Gregory’s questions.

3 We Stopped Screwing Over George Washington

Almost every president, from W. to Nixon to Lincoln, has their very own Presidential Library. One man who didn’t? Our most famous Founding Father, George Washington himself! Until last weekend, that is. Finally, our first leader has a place to store his “military, civil and private papers” which are, he humbly remarked, “voluminous and may be interesting.” It took more than 225 years after his death to get a library dedicated, but finally Washington’s papers and thousands of other relevant manuscripts have the same honor as the documents of William McKinley and Rutherford Hayes.

2 The Finale of “Breaking Bad” Didn’t Suck

Famous television shows often go out not with a bang, but with a whimper. We all remember the ambiguous end of “The Sopranos,” fewer still recall the stilted end of the classic show “Alf.” So plenty of viewers were standing by for some terrible twist or maudlin mess when they tuned into the final episode of the epic AMC show “Breaking Bad.” Instead, the show was superb, with many story lines tied up neatly, no strange twists or turns and fine acting across the board. We’ll offer no spoilers, we’ll just say that this series went out on top.

1 Earth Was Not Struck by a Killer Asteroid

Russian scientists have reported that a 45-foot asteroid sailed harmlessly by the planet over the weekend. It was detected just hours before the relatively near miss, and there would have been no time to attempt to divert the asteroid; little even to plan for an impact, which would have been similar to the strike over the city of Chelyabinsk less than a year ago, an event in which more than 1,500 people were hurt and hundreds of buildings and vehicles damaged. For perspective, the asteroid passed closer to earth than many of our satellites’ orbits.

That was a close call. But take a look at the Top 5 Asteroids that did hit Earth to gain a little perspcetive.

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