15 Technologies You Use Today That Would’ve Blown Your Mind Just a Decade Ago

Over the past decade, we've come to rely on technology more than ever. See the top new technologies that would've blown your mind a decade ago.

The world of technology is moving at unprecedented speeds, and we use more technology in our day-to-day lives than ever before. This is generally a good thing, but it is important to stop and pay attention to the amazing things we have and use instead of complaining when our internet goes down once in a blue moon. The new technologies we have now make a huge difference in our lives.

Here are the top 15 technologies you use today that would have blown your mind just a decade ago!

15.) Streaming Media Services

netflix new technologies

Netflix began as a DVD-by-mail service. As the need for a streaming service grew, Netflix decided to create one of the first services.

Eventually, other major sites started to jump on the bandwagon like Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Youtube.

14.) eReaders

ereaders new technologies

When eReaders were first released, people thought this trend would not take off. Well, with improvements, readers like the Kindle and the Nook started to gain popularity.

There are some advantages to e-books like cheaper prices. These devices make it easier for users to read their favorite books.

13.) Smartphone Apps

smartphone n

Smartphones have skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade. This technology device gives you access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

Apps let you connect to social media from anywhere at any time. Apps do everything from running our calendar to letting us keep track of our health. Most people have smartphones now, and people cannot live without this technology.

12.) Mobile Payment Option

square up


Mobile apps and services came along to replace a cash register. A lot of people do not pay with cash anymore, and they carry around their debit cards or credit cards more.

When people shop online, PayPal is a popular way to pay for their goods.

11.) Self-Checkout Stations

self checkout new technologies


Waiting in line to check out the groceries can take forever.

The large grocery store chains have created more self-check stations for people who do not want to wait in those long lines or talk to the cashier.

10.) Fitness Watches


Right now, fitness watches are super popular. Fitbit, Nike Fuelband and many more have exploded in the fitness world.

It connects to your smartphone, and it shows you how many steps you walk and how many calories you have burned throughout the day.

9.) Cloud Storing

cloud storage new technologies

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The cloud storage is a bunch of large servers put together. They house everyone’s data, and it helps you store more data on your devices like a computer or smartphone.

Cloud data makes it easier to access your data when you are in a different location or you are offline.

8.) Email

email new technologies

Not that long ago, emails were not that popular.

Now you get your bills, deals, and other important information through your email. It’s crazy how much the world has changed.

7.) Virtual Dating Apps

dating apps


Tinder and Bumble are virtual dating apps that hit the ground running fewer than 7 years ago. They gained popularity because you can instantly match with people in your area.

Many relationships have bloomed over these virtual dating apps.

6.) Tablets

ipad new technologies

The tablets are like bigger versions smartphones but are a smaller, more condensed version of a computer. When Apple released the iPad, everyone thought this idea would not take off.

Now Samsung and other major cell phone companies have run with this idea because tables are great for people who want to just receive photos, texts emails or browse the internet with no problems.

5.) Digital Photography

photography new technologies

This is another new technology we all use and love but take completely for granted. Cameras no longer have film, and we can easily share the pictures we snap in real time. But even more importantly, the sensors and quality of photography we can benefit from using a device as small as a credit card is one of the most stunning new technologies.

Cameras that come on today’s phones are truly unbelievable if we were to compare them to what we had available in 1993 or even 2003.

4.) 3D Printing

3d printer

If we had to choose one item on this list that truly blows my mind time and time again, it would be 3D printing.

Of course, this space is only getting started but the ability to “reprint” a wrench that actually works is incredible. This technology has the immediate potential to change, well, everything.

3.) Augmented Reality

augmented reality new technologies

This is yet another technology that has been around for a while and cannot yet say it has hit mainstream use. Having said that, it won’t be long before it does. Using a phone to augment your reality and see additional information on top of the world, well, that is just insanely cool.

There have been many companies that have led the way in augmented reality, including Layar, and even QUALCOMM, but we are just getting started in the potential here.

2.) QR Codes

qr codes new technologies

Many have ridiculed the technology of scanning something with a phone in order to redeem some sort of marketing material, but in reality, if you step back and think about what you’re doing here, it is actually pretty astounding.

Anything that bridges the gap between our digital life and the real world never ceases to amaze us.

1.) Mobile Processing

mobile new technologies

This is the most obvious one of the crowd because the mobile phone has pretty much created the largest revolution since the light bulb. The modern smartphone has significantly more processing power than any supercomputer did just a few years ago. Quad core and even eight core processing units come in a device you can easily slide into your pocket.

These processors keep getting better, so who knows what smartphones will be able to do soon.

Who knew we could be this technology advanced in such a short period of time!

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