5 Strange Stories From This Week’s Police Blotter

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Most weeks see plenty of stories from the world of crime, and this week is proving to be no exception. Fortunately, this week we are going to get some laughs along with the usually grim tales of scofflaws and ne’er-do-wells. And we have at least one story that’s bittersweet and touching. And some weird stuff, too. If there is one thing lawbreakers rarely worry about, it is common decency. When they get away with “it,” that only adds insult to injury; when they get caught red-handed with money stuffed in their brassieres, then that’s just good comedy.

5 The Naked Flyer

An apparently drunk and clearly excitable man was Tasered and arrested after stripping naked, urinating on a wall and generally disturbing the peace… at the airport in Manchester, England. The unidentified passenger stepped off a plane in a state of agitation (and likely inebriation) and commenced stripping naked, then relieved himself. After his lady friend slapped him in the face the man began to dress again, but was soon stunned by a police Taser and taken into custody.

4 National Civil Disobedience

All across America, usually law-abiding citizens are suddenly breaking the law in record numbers, and they’re doing it by… visiting National Parks and National Monuments. Hikers are sneaking past barricades and entering Federal wilderness areas, tourists are hopping fences to snap pictures of everything from the Lincoln Memorial to the WWII Memorial and history enthusiasts are defying the rules of this historical moment by sneaking onto Civil War battlefields like Gettysburg, where some of the trespassers are posing for photos holding “Catch Us if You Can” signs.

3 A Bittersweet Story of Justice Delayed

Herman Wallace spend 41 years in solitary confinement in a Louisiana prison after allegedly killing a prison guard. Wallace was convicted of armed robbery in 1971, but he maintained his innocence in the stabbing death of the guard for the four decades after the incident the next year. Wallace finally won his appeal and was freed on October 1st, 2013. Sadly, the man whose time should have been served years ago died just a week later, a few days shy of his 72nd birthday.

2 A Massive Law Suit Over a Massive Cover Up

In a suit with scant precedent, advocates for the victims of a cholera outbreak in Haiti are suing the United Nations, charging the UN with covering up the causes and culpability for the disease. As many as 8,300 Haitians have died of cholera in the past decade, and the lawsuit alleges that the source of the outbreak was sewage released by United Nation’s soldiers’ barracks. The damning part of this chapter of the story is not even the outbreak itself, but the fact that the UN allegedly knew it and covered it up.

1 Woman Accused of Stealing Millions of Dollars of Cash… Via Her Bra

Stealing from a school is wrong. Stealing more than three million dollars from a school that you are supposed to be managing the accounting for is very wrong. But the fact that Judith Oakes, of Rialto, CA, was allegedly stealing all this cash by stuffing lunch money into her bra is pretty damn funny, now that she has been caught and charged.

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