5 Strange Motives of History’s Most Notorious Killers

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Many people are fascinated with a serial killer’s mixed bag of disturbing fetishes and desires. Each time a notorious killer is unearthed, folks go mad trying to rationalize their crimes, because apparently “normals” have to understand the why of such horror. Sadly, some of history’s most notorious killers provide a motive that is more bizarre than their crimes.

5 Richard Angelo

Although many folks today aren’t aware of the notorious killer who took 25 lives, the name Richard Angelo was in all the headlines in 1987. Angelo, who was a nurse, wasn’t getting the praise he thought he deserved, so he tried to set things up so he’d be recognized for the hero he thought he was. Angelo confessed that he injected patients with Pavulon, a drug that paralyzes the body’s muscles, causing his victims to go into respiratory arrest. Angelo planned to be there to save them, but he failed at least 25 times.

4 Richard Trenton Chase

On December 29, 1977, Richard Trenton Chase killed his first victim in a drive-by shooting. In the month that followed, he killed five more people and earned the nickname, “The Vampire of Sacramento” by drinking and bathing in his victims’ blood and eating their body parts. Why did he do this? Chase was trying to prevent Nazis from turning his blood into powder. He believed they’d hidden poison beneath his soap dish to do this. Apparently, the Nazis have superpowers that make it impossible to remove the threat by simply tossing out the soap dish. Vampirism and cannibalism were the obvious solution to the Nazi threat.

3 Eddie Gein

Remember the characters in “Silence of the Lambs” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” that did weird stuff with corpses? Eddie Gein, a real-life serial killer who used female corpses to make things like a human skin chair, a skull bowl and dinner, was the inspiration for those characters. Gein became obsessed with being a woman after the death of his mother, so he went about constructing a body suit of female flesh. After his grave-digging helper died, Gein started seeking fresher corpses, killing at least two women, whose body parts were found in a shed behind Gein’s house.

2 David Berkowitz

In 1997, David Berkowitz killed six people in New York City during what is now known as “The Summer of Sam.” There have been many claims that sharpshooter Berkowitz “heard” demonic messages in the howls of dogs, but Berkowitz did not believe the dogs were demons in disguise. His motive was his belief that Satan would free him from his pain and loneliness if he killed a few folks. Not sure if that’s more or less bizarre than demon dogs. Since his incarceration, though, Berkowitz claims to have found God, who we all know holes up in prisons and psych wards.

1 Charles Manson

Charles Manson and his gang of followers killed seven people in 1969 to spark a racial revolution that would result in Manson and his gaggle of crazies ruling the world. His plan was to kill high-society types and implicate the African-American population in the murders so that the “white establishment” would believe they couldn’t control the African-American population. This, Manson believed, would ultimately force the “white establishment” to turn to the Manson family for help. Manson and his followers would survive what Manson referred to as “Helter Skelter” by hiding in an underground cave. Does your brain hurt too?

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