5 Simple Tips for Enriching Your Memory

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Your ability for recall is directly related to your ability to survive on planet Earth. Our ancestors had to be able to recall seasonal migration routes or remember which plants were not poisonous. While remembering your Skype password isn’t as vital to your survival, this life is built on learning from yesterday. Tired of meeting someone only to forget his name five seconds after you shake hands? Adopt five simple tips to improve your memory.

5 Catch Some Zs

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Studies by Harvard University back up what many experts have long assumed—sleep is directly related to memory, learning and cognition. It is not known why consistently getting a good night’s worth of uninterrupted sleep boosts the brain, but it does—immediately and in the long term. Without sufficient rest, your brain will take longer to make calculations and require more energy to perform. Improve your memory—sleep more.

4 Socialize

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Get out, get talking, get some love in your life. Regular interaction with friends and loved ones is believed to help the memory—as well as improving your overall quality of life. Because humans are the most social species on the planet, the human brain is hardwired for interaction. Recall in social situations is directly related to survival, so it makes sense that this is something your DNA programs you to want. Oh, and you might have a little fun.

3 Play Games

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Studies continue to show that your brain works in ways similar to your muscles. When you challenge them regularly, they get stronger. Complicated games like word puzzles, number challenges and memory quizzes work in tandem with the use-it-or-lose-it concept that applies to the rest of they body. A crossword or sudoku puzzle with your morning coffee can boost your memory, as well as improve many other critical elements of your brain performance.

2 Remember to Run

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A scientific study of mice shows that running might help your memory. In the study, one set of mice periodically ran on a wheel and another set of mice lived the sedentary lifestyle of many modern Americans. The mice that ran did better on memory tests than the mice that didn’t. Scientists have long believed that exercise—specifically running, which was often the difference between life and death for our hunter/gatherer ancestors—boosted brain function. Now they have the science to back it up.

1 Fatten Up

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Eat more fish and take a fish-oil supplement, which flood your body with brain-saving omega-3s. Up to 70 percent of your brain is made of fat. By consuming more fat, you’re doing your memory a favor—if you choose the right fat, that is. “Bad” fat, like the kind found in french fries, potato chips and just about everything else that tastes good, doesn’t help—and may hurt—your brain. “Good” fat, like the kind found in fish oil, is believed to boost memory.

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