5 Rules That No One Abides By

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Our society is held together by etiquette, rules of social interaction that most people either ignore or are blissfully unaware of. Some rules, whether they pertain to grooming, social interaction, parties or just being polite, are widely disregarded, though people know they should pay more attention. Before you get too judgy, though, remember: You’re probably as guilty of breaking these rules as anyone.

5 10 Items or Less in Checkout Lane

According to Adam Sandler, this is one of the top ways to be annoying, and he would know. It is annoying to be stuck behind someone who clearly has more than 10 items in his basket or cart and is just strolling through the checkout lane, happy as you please, while all you have is one thing. But no one can resist the lure of a short checkout lane, and surely no one will mind the extra five or 10 items, right?

4 Stay Civil Online

Arguing on the Internet is a fruitless endeavor, the wasteland of noobs and trolls. No one wants to be that person, but then they come across a comment or blog post and the stupidity is just mind-boggling. Soon they’re the victim of “Someone is wrong on the Internet,” syndrome and they just can’t let it go, even though no matter what they say or how they say it, they wind up looking as bad as the person they’re arguing with.

3 Leave the Pajamas for Home

It used to be people wouldn’t leave the house without a hat and gloves. Those days are long gone. Whether they’re venturing to the end of their driveway to pick up the mail or going to Wal-Mart, people are apparently a-OK with being seen in their pajamas. Teens are even wearing pajamas to school, inspiring one Louisiana lawmaker to propose a law against wearing PJs in public. On the plus side, though, no one’s going shopping in their underwear—yet.

2 Respect the Face Space

Playing or talking on your phone when you’re in public, especially if you’re supposed to be paying attention to someone who’s sharing your face space, is rude. Everyone knows this. Yet everyone ignores it. Walk through a restaurant and look at the diners: Many people are checking their phones, not talking to each other; even if they are having a conversation, their phones are out on the table, just in case.

1 No Drunken Texting

Everyone knows drunken dialing or texting their ex is a really bad idea—when they’re sober. That’s the problem we all share: After people have had more than a few, they no longer have the judgment to remember or care that nonsensical texts or slurred apologies not only won’t gain brownie points with their ex, but will probably be shared with friends and family by the time they wake up the next morning with a hangover.

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