5 reasons we don’t need a base on mars anytime soon

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The Wright Brothers first got us off the ground and into the era of powered, controlled human flight 110 years ago, OK? So please forgive human progress if we don’t have a base on a distant planet anytime soon ““ especially because the chances are good that we won’t. Science fiction books and films have long depicted Martian outposts, and the scientific (and pseudo-scientific) community can talk in concrete terms about how a base on Mars could exist within the relatively near future, but we are here to tell you that “œcould”and “œwill”are about 34 million miles apart.

5 Using Robotic Probes

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Perhaps the claim that there is no solid reason for a Mars base is not a compelling argument, but it is accurate. With technology as it stands, the idea of Mars as a “œlaunching pad”for further exploration is unfounded; most anything we want to learn about the planet itself we can learn using robotic probes, so why bother putting people there at all?

4 Mars Radiation Levels Lethal to Humans

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A base on Mars would expose its inhabitants to levels of radiation that could, over time, prove lethal. Scientists now believe that the levels of solar (and extra solar) radiation astronauts would endure on a trip to and from Mars would be survivable, but that is, at most, a matter of two years. Life on the Red Planet would mean many years of increased exposure to radiation that could make a colonist’s life a miserable descent into sickness millions of miles from medical help.

3 $3 Billion is the Cost of a Mission to Mars

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The cost of a mission to Mars, to say nothing of the costs of setting up bases there, is staggering. Some estimates, wild though they may be, put the price tag of a full-scale manned mission up in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The Curiosity mission cost nearly $3 billion, though, so we can at least use that as a benchmark figure. And that mission was decidedly one way.

2 Unable to Return to Earth!

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As noted by the intrepid folks planning the BOLD Mars One colonization mission, anyone who spent time living on Mars would be unable to return to earth, and not just because of the technical difficulties of the trip, but also because of the biological effects the planet’s weak gravity would have on the body. No human adapted to that environment could ever survive earth’s stronger gravity.

1 The Earth and Mars are about 34 million Miles Apart!

At their very closest range, at that. To give you some perspective, the moon is a scant 250,000 miles away from our fair planet. While we clearly have the technology to get to Mars, having done it many times over the past few decades, and while there are of course plans to send humans to and around the Red Planet, can you imagine if an Apollo 13-style problem occurred on that landing mission? Most any system failure would result in total tragedy.

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