5 Reasons to Watch Apple This Week

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In the unlikely event that tech watchers needed a reason to pay attention a company whose stock trades at more than $500 on a bad day, this week might be an even more notable one than usual for technology giant Apple Inc. From new product roll-outs to new hires to new competition from others in the digital gadget marketplace, this could be a period of renewed vigor for the venerable corporation, or it could be time for the bloom to start falling off of the rose.

5 Apple Stocks Are Trending Up Again

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Over the past 52 weeks, Apple stock prices hit a high of more than $630 a share. They also saw a low of just pennies over $385 per share, a great price for most companies, but a dramatic dip for this one. For weeks the price hovered just below the five hundred dollar mark, but now they are taking a turn for the better. If this week’s product announcements strike a chord with investors, then we might see shares hit six hundred dollar again.

4 Expect New and Upgraded Products This Week

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In its second recent rollout of new and improved products, Apple seems set to unveil plural upgraded editions of its vaunted products and operating systems. Perhaps it is only the diehard tech fans who will be excited about the new retina displays on the iPad mini or the fifth edition of the iPad (this one in a 9.7 inch screen variety), but many more people will be excited by the release of the updated MacBook Pro laptops and Mac Pro computers. Those systems will soon grace the desks (and laps) of businesses and homes worldwide, and they might be running Apple’s latest operating system, Mavericks OS X, also expected to be formally announced today.

3 Don’t Expect Two Long Awaited Products

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Amidst the flurry of new Apple products likely to be unveiled this week, tech experts are not expecting to see two things long awaited but not yet expected. All indications are that Apple will not be releasing an updated Apple TV box, nor will they be unveiling the rumored iTV itself. And it is extremely unlikely that the so-called iWatch is anywhere near ready for release; its development is a poorly kept secret, but progress on that front is anyone outside the company’s guess.

2 Watch the Competition

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Even as Apple is set to reveal all these revamped products and sleek new operating systems, one can’t write off some of the products being released by competing tech firms. Nokia in particular has just come out with a few new offerings—just before it is officially bought out by Microsoft—including a “phablet” device that is either a large phone or small tablet computer. Either way, the Lumia 1520 will run Microsoft’s latest operating system and will have industry-leading graphics, camera technology and battery life. And Samsung recently revealed their new Galaxy gear Smartwatch, though the device’s purportedly limited functions seem to make it an unlikely contender for major success. Still, it’s the only real smartwatch on the market today.

1 Apple Has Hired Former Burberry CEO to Revamp Its Image

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Angela Ahrendts successfully rebranded and revitalized the aging luxury brand Burberry Brit, bringing it back into the mainstream during her stint as Chief Executive Officer of the Burberry Group. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has tapped Ahrendts to fill the role of Senior Vice President of retail and online stores. Apple hopes the fashion maven can bring some added flair to the iconic but austere “brick-and-mortar” retail stores, as well as to Apple’s online retail space. Ms. Ahrendts proved herself forward-looking and competent in enhancing a fashion giant’s online presence and sales; perhaps she can do the same for a company born out of the tech arena.

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