5 Reasons to Use eFax in 2021

We have put together five reasons to use eFax in 2021. eFax is the number one faxing service out there today!

Did you know that faxing has been around for over 70 years? Faxing was actually invented before the telephone. Originally, we would send messages to each other on paper. How old fashioned! Today, we have evolved to sending messages and signing documents electronically using only a mobile device!

If you want to start faxing using only your mobile device, then start your eFax 14 DAY FREE TRIAL NOW! It is the number one faxing service available today. You can send a fax directly to an email, secure online portal or mobile device. Over 10 million people are using eFax in their home and workplace. You can also sign important documents electronically using eFax. Lastly, if you need to share large files, they can do that too and so much more!

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1.)  eFax is FAST

If you send a message on paper, it takes usually 2 to 3 days to get to its destination. No one has time to waste. It is very important to get things done quickly. While using eFax, on your mobile device, you will get messages in minutes!

2.) eFax is Convenient

Who remembers old fax machines. They were so big and bulky. No one wants one in their room or office anymore. With the convenience of your own mobile device, you can send faxes, sign documents and so much more!

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3.) eFax is Secure

Security is very important when sending or receiving important documents. eFax assures your security when using them. Your important and private faxes are protected with eFax’s Enhanced Security encryption technology.

4.) eFax is Easy

If you have any documents that are saved on your computer or phone, you can send them fast and successfully with eFax. You will even get a confirmation letting you know that your fax was received. It is compared to as easy as sending an email.

5.) With eFax you get to pick your own number

On top of everything else, eFax lets you pick your own number and area code! In addition, you can pick a toll free area code, for example, 800, 888, and 877.

With eFax you can save money while faxing on the go. Start your 14 DAY  FREE TRIAL NOW!

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