5 Reasons To Stop Ignoring Google+

Over the past few years, there have been countless products in the tech space that have been declared dead by the pundits. Some were indeed on their death beds at the time, such as Palm, to name one example. However, for every one company or product that ended up shutting down, there are ten that proved us all wrong.

So which one is Google+? Many laugh when you even mention Google’s social platform, and almost without exception, when I tell someone how active I am on Google+, they start ask me questions as if I told them that the world is indeed flat—as if to say, “What are you on?”

Except, in most cases, the people who belittle and ridicule Google+ have not really given the platform a chance. Just like Facebook and Twitter, the experience of Google+ very much depends on the people you “follow,” or in this case, “Circle.”

Now the question on everyone’s mind is, why? Why bother? Do I really need another social network? The answer is an absolute yes—Google+ is a platform you better not ignore if you want to achieve any sort of long term success on the web.

Here are five reasons why:

5 Aaaaand the Kicker

Not sold? Fine, go head to head with Google. How about this? I have been on Twitter for more than five years and have close to 25,000 followers. Google+? Nearing 40,000. I will often post an article or a photo on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter and wake up the next morning with 50 retweets, 30 likes, and 3500 Google+ shares or +1s. So whether or not you buy the whole “Google will all but force you to use Google+” argument, the bottom line is, if used regularly and intelligently, Google+ drives a tremendous amount of engagement and traffic, so it’s time to stop ignoring it.

4 We are All Google Users

You see, as Google explained many a time, Google+ is not a standalone platform and should not be viewed as one. It is a social layer on top of the Google suite. Do you use Gmail? Google Calendar? Android? Google Maps? It is just a matter of time before a Google+ account is needed to efficiently use those services. Already today, you need a Google+ account to review Android apps on Google Play. How long before one is needed to use Android at all? Not long at all.

3 But Can Google Really Harm Me if I don’t Use Google+?

Why yes, yes it can. Again, no one is putting a gun to your head but when Google+ posts appear on top of Google results and your site/blog is nowhere to be found, then yes, that could become a serious problem for you.

2 And When Google is All In…

Let’s not forget what kind of company Google is and more importantly, how powerful it is on the Web. Yes, there are other search engines, other Web-based email clients, and other mobile operating systems but Google dominates all three markets. You know what that means? You do not want to get on Google’s bad side. Or more accurately, you want to get on their good side.

1 Google is All in

Recently, Google created a storm by shutting down Google Reader! Why did they do that? Well, because they want Google+ to be their primary tool to drive traffic. If you have been anywhere near the web in the last week, you surely noticed that people are NOT happy. If Google was willing to make such a difficult business decision and annoy so many users, chances are they are putting all their eggs in the Google+ basket. And they don’t even deny it.

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