5 Reasons to Start a Blog Like Yesterday

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Unlike many of my previous posts about topics such as Twitter, Facebook, mobile technology and others, this post applies to pretty much anyone who spends any time in the professional world, and especially if that person spends time online. Yes, even you.

In today’s day and age, in which there are endless platforms that instantly transform any person into a full blown publisher, there is no excuse not to leverage the power of blogging. Again, this is not only true for people trying to sell something online, it is applicable to anyone who has any desire whatsoever to advance professionally.

I know you think I am exaggerating, but alas, I am not. To all those people thinking “I have nothing to say. No one would read my blog,” I say “rubbish.” There is something you are passionate about, there has to be. It could be that you have not yet discovered your passion but there is something you can write about that would get you and your readers excited.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. The question you are asking yourself is why? Why bother? What do I need that for?

Here are five reasons you should be blogging:

5 You Get Cool Toys

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OK, I’ll admit, this is not true for EVERY kind of blogger but let’s just say, after five years of consistent blogging, my dad often asks me why I blog about mobile phones and not cars or houses. The point is, I started from nothing and with zero budget, I now get mobile devices for review from Google, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and many others. At the end of the day, like I keep saying, if you are passionate about something, share your opinion on that thing and not only will people listen, companies will too, and slowly but surely, you can and will establish yourself as a brand—an authority on that topic. But let there be no mistake, this does not happen overnight—so get on it!

4 Business Cards Are So…

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I am not going to say that there is absolutely no need to carry a business card, they are still important to some professionals. Ok, yes I am. A business card cannot possibly tell a person who you are or what you are capable of professionally, like a well-thought-out and well-written blog can. Build your identity around your thoughts by writing them down and use THAT as your business card. It will get the job done and in a much more effective way.

3 A Following. Yes, I Went There

Listen, I can pretend that no one cares about their audience and its size. Follower count doesn’t matter and all that. But there is no denying that writing something with the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of people will read it and make a decision of some kind based on your opinion is a great feeling. That happens after time but if you write about something you are passionate about and you write consistently for an extended period of time, it WILL happen.

2 Search is a Force to Be Reckoned With

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At the end of the day and pretty much across all industries, the internet is becoming more and more crucial when researching a person. And if the Web is the king, search engines are the crown. You cannot afford to not appear in search in one way or another. Yes, you can have your Facebook account appear as the first result for your name, or your Twitter, or, you can actually show your creative and productive side by having your blog, your thoughts, appear first. People are searching for you, that is a fact, so there is no reason you should not make a good first impression.

1 You Have a Voice? Use It

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Again, it really does not matter what the topic you choose to write about is, whether it is technology, fashion, food, whatever, you might not know it, but you have a unique point of view, a voice and you should share it with the world. Don’t think about the traffic you will generate in the beginning, think of your blog as a diary, a journal and write for you. Your voice will be discovered and you have Google to thank for that.

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