5 Reasons Madonna Needs an Etiquette Coach

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There’s no doubt that Madonna is one of the most exciting pop stars who ever lived. Who doesn’t love “Borderline” or “Like a Prayer”? How can you not know all the words to “Like a Virgin” or “Lucky Star”? She’s an international icon who inspired countless styles and trends. Good for her. She’s earned her fortune and worked hard to get to where she is. Still, that doesn’t give her the right to act like a total jerk to her fans. Some things Madonna has done lately really make it seem like she could use an etiquette lesson. Here’s why:

5 She doesn’t care:

Even after the fallout from her insults, mistakes, and tantrums, Madonna doesn’t seem to care whether she angers her fans at all. There’s never really an apology, and she just keeps on keeping on. Part of the reason we love her is her tough attitude, but a little apology or caring never hurt anyone. Would Lady Gaga insult people so easily and frequently? Maybe in 20 years – but let’s hope not. Madonna really needs to back off the rudeness if she wants people to keep paying to see her shows.

4 She insults entire cultures:

At a show (see the pattern?) Madonna had a swastika flag superimposed on the French flag. She was trying to make some sort of political statement, but as we can see from number three, she should probably stay away from that stuff. She got a lot of flack for this one – especially from the French government.

3 She needs a history lesson:

At another show (she really needs to chill out at her concerts) Madonna was yelling pro-Obama things and said he was a “black Muslim.” Um, not really. Most people know Obama isn’t Muslim (and it wouldn’t matter if he was) so Madge really looked a little clueless. She pretended she meant it to be a joke, but we know the truth: Living in England has made her forget her U.S. factoids.

2 She storms offstage:

She’s done this a few times, most recently at an outdoor show in Chile. Some people were smoking cigarettes and she stopped singing, freaked out on them (smoking was allowed at the venue) and stormed offstage. Rude! She probably didn’t endear herself to all those fans in Chile with her tantrum. Pop stars are known for some diva behavior here and there, but this was just ridiculous.

1 She loathes hydrangeas:

At a press conference at the 2011 Venice Film Festival (she directed a film that was playing), a journalist and fan handed Madonna a pretty bouquet of flowers. She took them, and forgetting – or not caring – that her mic was on, put them on the ground and said, “He obviously doesn’t know I loathe hydrangeas.” Really, Madonna? How about a little gratitude? Plus, who loathes a flower?

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