5 Reasons I Would Choose the HTC One Over the Galaxy S4 Any Day!

Here we go again. Two flagship devices have hit shelves and the web begins to get flooded with comparison reviews and videos. You’ve got to love the internet.

I have watched many of the comparisons between the HTC One and the new Galaxy S4, have held both of them, and both devices are on their way to me as I write these words.

I will, of course, write a more in-depth overview of both phones, but for now, it is clear to me that if I was looking to replace my iPhone 5 with an Android device, which might be the case soon if iOS 7 doesn’t deliver, I would choose the HTC One, hands down.

Here are 5 reasons why:

5 HTC Wants me More

Image Credit: Pandodaily.com

For HTC, everything is riding on this phone, I mean everything! That means the company will do more to keep me happy. This is not hypothetical. I see it even on the Web. I often correspond with the person running the HTC Twitter account and they are more than responsive to my needs. In this case, it was to get me the One for review. The same is true for anyone who owns the One. Right now, for example, the S4 has a newer version of Android on it than the One, but something tells me HTC will fight hard to keep ahead of Samsung in the future in regard to updates. HTC needs me more than Samsung does and at the end of the day, in today’s day and age, a little extra caring can go a long way.

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4 Touchwiz is the New Vista

Image Credit: Engadget.com

I get it, people like gimmicks. People like that their phone follows your head so when you look away, the screen turns off. They like that they can wave their hands over the phone to swipe. Have these people ever once used these features? Nope. Will they? Nope. However, all these added features in Samsung’s layer of Android, come at a price. Touchwiz is heavy, it is overkill and it is overwhelming for most people. Sometimes, as the famous saying goes, less is more. Now HTC Sense isn’t exactly vanilla Android either and has its gimmicks too, but the new HTC Sense on the One is definitely an improvement over the last version and a HUGE improvement over the bloated Touchwiz by Samsung.

3 I Love the Underdog, I Can’t Help It

Image Credit: Voxxi.com

If you have been following me on the web for a few years, you know I generally like to see more competition. Anyone who says it is too late for Microsoft, BlackBerry, Nokia or HTC in the mobile space, clearly does not get how this market works. It is too early to be too late. I want HTC to win. Why? Not just because they are losing but because instead of spending billions on marketing their decent products, they took that money and invested it in making a seriously amazing phone. They let the innovation do the talking. For that I applaud HTC and want to see them kick some butt. They deserve it.

2 You Can’t Fool Me with Your Marketing Dollars

Image Credit: Androidmarketapps.org

Remember back in the day when the average consumer would confuse the words “MP3 player” with “iPod”? You know how that happens? I will tell you. A whole lot of marketing spend. Well, not surprisingly, Apple did it again with the iPhone and many people would confuse “Smartphone” with “iPhone.” iPhone became the name symbolizing a phone that could do a whole lot more than a phone. Then something happened. Samsung said “Nuh uh, Apple” while they waved their finger. Then Samsung pulled an Apple and made the word “Galaxy” synonymous with “Android.” The launch of the S4 is proof. You know, the fact that the word “Android” was not mentioned once? Well, sorry Samsung, but we have been down this road before and no money spent on Apple-bashing ads or Broadway productions will convince me that your gimmicky S4 can outrun the HTC One.

1 Plastic? Again? Really?

Image Credit: Pdamu.com

This is mind-boggling to me, honestly. I get it, plastic is lighter, less sensitive to temperature changes and better for wireless radio range. But in a world of the iPhone 5 and yes, the beautifully manufactured HTC One, the plastic crappy-feeling Galaxy S4 just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Hold the two phones in your hand and tell me you don’t want to throw the S4 into the plastic recycling bin… Oh and did I mention that despite the superior hardware of the HTC One, it is substantially cheaper than the S4?

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