5 Reasons Apple’s iWatch Will Stand Out From the Rest

Ok, folks, can we all agree that it is now official; Apple is going to be entering the wearable computing space with a watch? No, ok, fine, you don’t have to believe me but they did trademark the term iWatch in many countries around the world.

In any case, Schiller himself has expressed a deep interest in watches several times in the past and pretty much all analysts agree that Apple will indeed be releasing a smartwatch sometime in the near future.

Then the question on everyone’s mind is, “will this really take off?” I mean, like really? As in mainstream consumers will now be wearing a watch that measures their pulse, counts their steps and interfaces with their phone? Really? And to them I have one word. Yep!

So while there have been various smartwatches on the market now for years, why will Apple’s so-called iWatch be any different?

5 Timing is Key

When it comes to the success of a consumer product, timing really is everything and Apple is a master of timing. Google is always first to embrace a technology and smoothen out the ice for Apple to go skating all over it. Think about pretty much any recent technology including NFC, or even 3G. Apple was always “late” to the game, but learned from others’ mistakes and perfected previous imperfections. That is even true for the design of iOS. Think about notifications, multitasking, and many more examples. Apple may have copied others but it did better than the rest. That will be the case in the wearable computing space as well. People now recognize that this trend WILL take off. Google Glass and other products are setting the ground that Apple will soon dominate. Why? Because Apple waited till the market was ripe, then it took a big bite out of it. I know, hard to believe now, but let’s talk again in one year from now. I will ping you on your iWatch.

4 Let’s Be Honest Here, Do We Really Have a Choice?

Call us iSheep, Fanboys or anything else that implies that Apple consumers don’t have a mind of their own. I can take it. The fact of the matter is, rarely will you hear people complain about their iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air or pretty much any other product. Now, this is a function of fantastic engineering, but one cannot ignore Apple’s ability to hypnotize us all. Now, due to the first point above, Apple will be taking out all the heavy guns to get this iWatch flying off shelves. It will speak to iPhone users, it will speak to Android users and it will speak to that guy who never wore a watch because watches annoy him. Apple will market the heck out of this thing, and make us all believe that we need it and we will all bite. Don’t believe me? Remind me again how iPad sales are doing. Remind me again why anyone witl a smartphone and a laptop really NEEDS an iPad? See where I am going with this?

3 The iWatch Is No More a Watch Than the iPhone Is a Phone

Sorry, that must have confused you, but think about it. Before the iPhone, phones were phones. Yes, there were smartphones, but c’mon, you really want to go there? The point is, a phone today is not a phone, it is a platform and the iWatch will be the same. With Apple’s unprecedented ecosystem and its ability to remain unfragmented for the most part, people will no longer look to their watch for the time, but rather to see how the traffic is on the way to work, how many calories they have burned in the last 24 hours and where the best place to eat in the area is. Yes, really.

2 Watches Can Be Sexy? Who Knew?

Try to think back to the 80s when calculator watches were the new cool. I don’t know about you, but I wanted one. Badly. Now fast forward to 2013—Yes, Pebble and many others are making these super geeky smartwatches but where is that calculator watch feeling? Apple will deliver that feeling the way only Apple knows how. Apple is going to pull another iPhone on us all. Mark my words. Ok, maybe it wont be THAT popular but remember, when Apple announced the iPhone, all anyone could think was “Apple? Phones? Why?” Replace the words “phones” with “watches,” and you will have a pretty clear vision of what is about to happen in this space.

1 Can’t Innovate, My A$$!

Yes, those were words actually said on the Apple stage during MMWC 2013. What do those words tell you? What they tell me is that Apple is very much paying attention to its critics that say the company has peaked. No one denies that Apple, under the leadership of the late Steve Jobs did some phenomenal things to various industries. Those critics will say that those days are over and no Mac Pro that looks like Darth Vader designed it is going to change that. Apple sees things a bit differently—they have to. For that perception to change, Apple has to step out of its comfort zone the way it did in 2007. Apple needs this to be a hit and given its resources, the company will get what it wants, no question about it.

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