5 Reasons a Tablet Still Cannot Replace Your Laptop

Sorry to be the party pooper here and burst everyone’s bubble, but while I truly love my iPad, my iPad Mini and my Nexus 7, none of them can truly replace my Macbook Air. Not yet.

Is that statement true for everyone? Absolutely not. Some people use computers to check Facebook, have the occasional Skype call and read a few websites throughout the day. For those people, the iPad and other tablets are years ahead of computers in terms of the experience. However, if you are a somewhat heavy user (I will define that below) then you still need a computer, because a tablet just won’t do.

Here are five features computer users depend on and which are not found in tablets just yet:

5 Professional Collaboration

This one is a biggie for professionals. How often do you need to share your screen or collaborate in real time using advanced remote access tools? Now, don’t get me wrong, some of these tools exist on tablets, they even exist on mobile phones. Having said that, true professionals who have to carry out important and resource-heavy tasks through team collaboration will still turn to their computer nine out of ten times. And I did not even mention dual screens and USB peripherals. The bottom line is that tablets, at least for now, are devices used primarily for content consumption and games, and less as a professional tool you depend on for productivity. Give them a few years…

4 Storage, External or Internal

Listen, we all have endless data that we collect throughout our lives. Pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. Tablets, at least for now, are still very limited in storage capacity. Again, not something that cannot be fixed, but more important than the limitation of storage, is the fact that tablets, with very few exceptions, do not have expandable storage. You know, like an external hard drive. That is a pretty big deal to a lot of people.

3 Coding, Ironically Enough

This is more of a technical limitation than a fundamental difference, but if you want to code, you are going to want to power up the laptop since even Xcode won’t allow you to compile using iOS. I can’t imagine this is something that won’t be possible in the near future, but for now, laptop it is.

2 Heavy Lifting

Yes, tablets are catching up and the developer community is playing along, but let’s be honest, if you have some heavy video editing/Photoshoping to do, are you really going to attempt it on an iPad? If so, I take my hat off to you. Most people need some major processing power every once in a while and tablets just don’t step up on this front… yet.

1 Multitasking, No, I Mean Real Multitasking

Yes, some tablets multitask, others imitate what we call multitasking, but none of them, or at least none that I have ever tried, multitask the good old fashioned way. You know, like having a Word document open, while running a Skype call, with Photoshop, Chrome and Outlook open at the same time. And even if they are all open on your Microsoft Surface, due to screen size limitations, you can’t see them the same way as you can on a computer, which leads me to my next point…

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