5 Real Magic Tricks

5 nice tricks that aren’t based on a visual illusion, but rather on scientific effects.

5 A Glass of Wine Broken By Sound

Sound wave resonating over a glass of wine can break it to pieces

4 What’s That Noise?

The sound of a humming nearing object

3 How To Remove The Coin Without Touching Any Match?

Light both matches and the leaning one will stick to the other match and leviate above the coin as it is burned.

2 A Music Equalizer Made of Fire

Ruben’s tube: a flammable gas – piped into a tube with holes – meets sound waves and starts to dance.

1 Floating Objects (no mirrors)

An object can really float above a surface, and even rotate round and round. The “only” catch is that the object needs to be a superconductor (very cold!).

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