5 Insights With The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood
When the Neighbourhood crashed onto the indie pop rock scene less than two years ago, people were a little skeptical. After all, these guys didn’t necessarily subscribe to their genre’s aesthetic, favoring piercings and tattoos over Chinos and handlebar mustaches. Plus they were pretty young compared to others in the industry; drummer Bryan Sammis is the eldest of the group at just 21. However, the guys earned a name for themselves quickly, blending simple, black and white imagery with seductive, natural melodies. With their first single “Sweater Weather” topping charts and headlining music festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza this summer, it’s clear that these guys are ready to tackle their newfound fame head on. In an interview with Top5, Sammis talks creative collaboration, life on the road and newbie gumption.

5 You Guys Have Had a Lot of Success in the Past 2 Years – What Pieces of Advice Do You Have for New Artists That Are Trying to Break Into the Scene?

It’s tough – but I would say you can’t give up and you can’t ever become complacent with where you are at. You have to be hungry for more. Always look for what you can do that is new and better than what you’ve done before. Be honest.

4 What Is the Biggest Adjustment You’ve Had to Make to Your Life While Touring?

You don’t really make long term friends anymore. You meet people and then you leave. That’s always been a bit of a bummer to me, being the social person that I am.

3 With Band Members Coming From Different Musical Backgrounds, How Do You Try to Marry Everyone’s Interests While Also Experimenting With New Sounds?

We trust each other, creatively. Everyone brings something different to the table. We are growing as musicians and as people. So experimenting is something we tend to do pretty often in the studio. We like to push our boundaries, and the boundaries of people listening to our music.

2 Your Second Single, “Female Robbery”, Deals With Some Pretty Heavy Topics. What Made You Guys Decide to Tackle These?

There was personal stuff going on is Jesse’s life and he decided to talk about it. Nothing is off limits and anything that needs to be let out, therapeutically, will be.

1 There’s a Lot of 1950s Noir Imagery Used in Your Work. What Was Your Vision for the Band Image When You Guys Started Out and How Has It Changed?

The vision is constantly evolving. We have concrete, clear cut goals of where we want to be, but the journey to get there is what keeps evolving and changing, as people do. When the band started we knew we wanted to do something different and do it our way. It’s always been about a full package experience though. It’s about the music and the visuals and the vibe. We are an entity that releases content.

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