5 Qualities Employers Look for in College Graduates

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The job market is competitive and college graduates who possess desirable soft skills are the ones who make the cut. Soft skills are people skills and personality traits that complement the technical requirements of a job, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The qualities that employers seek in college grads relate to an applicant’s personal habits, social graces and ability to interact effectively with others.

5 Plan, Organize and Prioritize

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When you know how to plan, organize and prioritize, you demonstrate flexibility and a level head in the face of deadlines. You’re detail oriented, but don’t get flustered when there’s a change. Your organization skills make you dependable and your ability to prioritize demonstrates your self-confidence and knack for taking initiative.

4 Obtain and Process Information

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Employers want to know that you aren’t afraid to ask questions when it counts, and can apply new information that you learn appropriately. According to the Department of Labor, employers also look for individuals who know the difference between praise, criticism and constructive feedback, and have the ability to react appropriately. In the world of work, there’s always room for growth and improvement. An employee who doesn’t recognize this will only hold back an organization.

3 Decision Making and Problem Solving

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Regardless of the position, every employee faces the challenge of making tough decisions and tackling tough problems. Employers look for graduates who are ethical and show integrity despite the consequences. They also seek those who know how to take into account other points of view when brainstorming solutions.

2 Communication

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How you relay information matters. In the business world, good communication is responsible for multi-billion deals, while a lack thereof can be catastrophic. Good communication is about active listening and being prepared as much as it is about expressing clear messages. When you walk through the front doors of an office, ditch the OMGs, LOLs and other terms that your grandma may not understand for the words that adult professionals use.

1 Teamwork

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The elementary school concept of playing well with others applies big-time to the world of work. Teamwork is about more than the collaborative sharing of ideas among coworkers. It’s about being about to get along with those who are not like you and using your differences as a vehicle for creativity and innovation to help a company achieve its goals.

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