5 Possibilities With Ben Affleck as Batman

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Unless you’re not friends with a sufficient amount of nerds on Facebook, then you already know who has been cast to be the next Batman. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder announced during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that there would be a Batman/Superman movie, but with Christian Bale out as the Dark Knight, the first question on everyone’s mind was “who would don the cape and cowl next?”
Well, the answer is in folks; the next Batman will be none other than Mr. Ben Affleck. Now the Internet is abuzz with a mix of outraged nerds and cautious fans, all of whom want to share their oh-so unique opinion on Zack Snyder’s choice. Well, rather than criticize or support it, we’re just going to consider the possibilities.

5 Kevin Smith Cameo

Is there any chance that Kevin Smith doesn’t find his way into at least a small part in this film? Not only is he one of the most highly visible comic books nerds on the planet, but he also happens to be pretty tight with Ben Affleck. Smith and Affleck have teamed up on several films including Mallrats, Dogma and Chasing Amy (also if you’ve never seen Ben Affleck’s basement scene in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, go watch it, NOW), and it stands to reason Affleck might help his buddy squeeze into this one. Now we might just have to come to terms with a Commissioner Gordon who wears only hockey jerseys.

4 Oscar Hero?

Could Ben Affleck be the first man to bring some Academy Awards attention to the superhero genre? This isn’t to say that Affleck has the kind of gravitas to actually win an Oscar for wearing spandex, but there’s no denying that the dude has been on a hot streak. Affleck’s last few films have been right in the mix come Oscar-season, and with this role coming in the first ever big-screen meet up of two of the world’s most beloved comic book heroes, it could be the one. Or, more likely, the Academy will continue to ignore anything that is remotely funny or entertaining, and hand all the trophies to Meryl Streep.

3 Could Be Good

A lot of fans are up in arms that the iconic role of Batman has been handed to “Ben-freaking-Affleck,” but let’s remember for a second who we’re talking about. This isn’t the cardboard cutout that starred in epic bombs like Gigli and Reindeer Games; today’s Ben Affleck is a changed man. Over the years, he has evolved tremendously as both an actor and filmmaker, and has been at the helm of a recent string of huge successes like The Town and Argo. Let’s give the guy a chance before we crucify him as the modern-day Clooney-Batman.

2 Could Be Bad

But hey, before we go cutting him TOO much slack, we should acknowledge that the past can’t be ignored entirely. Ben Affleck has been a party to some horrendous filmic transgressions, not the least of which, was his last superhero movie. Daredevil was an undeniable train wreck, in which one of the coolest characters in the Marvel universe was reduced to an unwatchable live-action cartoon. And while it wasn’t all Affleck’s fault (after all, it’s not like he wrote the scene where he pretend-fought Jennifer Garner on a seesaw), he certainly didn’t leave comic book fans with many reasons to want to give him a second chance.

1 Accent?

Looking back at Affleck’s career, you’ll notice that some of his most memorable roles came when he got to use his favorite inflection. The Town, Good Will Hunting, that amazing Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch sketch on SNL; all of them feature the actor’s wicked awesome Boston accent. And how unbelievable would it be if Affleck made the “acting choice” to go all Southie while playing the Caped Crusader? Just imagine, Affleck crouching atop a gothic skyscraper, as this voiceover plays: “This city needs a protectah. Because all these bad dudes ah wicked retahded.”

Do you think the new Batman/Superman will make any of the Top 5 Mistakes that superhero movies make?

Or, do you think it’ll be able to crack the Top 5 Superhero Fights Scenes with Ben Affleck laying the smack down?

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