5 Pioneers of the Lady Silver Fox

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While men in the spotlight carry the “Silver Fox” badge of honor when the years add a touch of grey to their hairline, most women in the public eye wage a battle to keep the gray at bay. Clooney and Cooper make grey look good, but women with grey hair are often used as candidates for makeovers—think Cher in Moonstruck.

It wasn’t always this way. Gray powdered wigs were once the hallmark of aristocracy and nobility for both men and women all over Europe as embodied by the French Royal Court and Marie Antoinette. It was only a tax levied by the British government on wig/hair powder that caused the two-hundred year long trend to die.

These are the ladies who have the courage to rock their natural gray in modern day. With style and achievements to spare, there’s enough star power and clout in this group to revive the look en masse.

5 Bonnie Raitt

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This blues legend puts a special spin on the silver fox by sporting a silver stripe in her equally iconic red hair. Bonnie flaunted her silver stripe before it was cool or even age appropriate—the strip came in naturally at age 24 back in 1981. Her family told her it meant she was kissed by an angel. In 2002, she even released a cover of David Gray’s song “Silver Lining”. Now she has pop contemporaries like Adele and Bon Iver covering her classic tunes. Maybe they’ll take a cue from her hairdo, too…

4 Toni Morrison

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For those that like their ladies with sass and big ideas, look no further than Toni Morrison. This best-selling author has both a Pulitzer & a Nobel Prize. Model and Mrs. David Bowie, Iman, called women who go gray “positively sublime” and classified them as the high priestesses of women. With her earthy qualities, wisdom and soothing poetry reading voice, it’s safe to say Toni is the high priestess of the Silver Belles.

3 Elizabeth Warren

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When political it-woman Elizabeth Warren made the move from Consumer Advocacy to Senate Candidate, her makeover included an almost complete wardrobe and hair restyling. And while they could have stripped away her grey all together, she stayed true to her “roots.” Not just because she continues to fight big banking from her Senate seat, but she also kept a touch of silvery-white mixed in with the blonde.

2 Emmylou Harris

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Emmylou Harris is perhaps the first woman to make silver hair sexy while touring the world collaborating with country and rock music greats like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Voted one of music’s most influential women in 1998 by VH1, Emmylou also has 12 Grammys to go with her gray.

1 Jamie Lee Curtis

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Jamie Lee Curtis appears almost frozen in time. Though she stopped coloring her hair in 2000, it’s actually given her a cutting-edge and more contemporary vibe that keeps her look fresh. Perhaps it’s the good genes she inherited from old Hollywood royalty Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. That touch of gray carries just the right sophistication for her other mark of nobility—her title: Baroness Haden-Guest from her marriage to aristocrat funny man, Christopher Guest.

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