5 Pieces of Advice from the Fit Bottomed Girls


When Jennipher Walters met Erin Whitehead in 2004 at the Kansas City publishing company where they both worked, the two immediately hit it off and discovered that they both shared a love for fitness and healthy living. They became instant pals and fitness buddies, and not long after began throwing around the idea of starting a fitness blog that would empower women to become fit and healthy by their own accord instead of counting calories and waiting for the scale to budge. In 2008 the two launched FitBottomedGirls.com and since then have been offering up tips and tricks to obtaining a fit booty and a healthy lifestyle. Check out some of the FBG secrets!

5 Remember: You Are Not a Number

At the end of the day, the Fit Bottomed Girls mantra is a simple one: the point of healthy living has little to do with the size of your rear end and more to do with a positive outlook on your own health. Jenn says, “I want women around the world to understand that their worth is not tied to a number on the scale and that being active and feeding your body nutritious foods is really a gateway to having a better life all around. It’s not about sweating it out at the gym or being perfect. It’s about truly living your best life.”

4 Treat Yourself

Erin insists that when it comes to healthy living, “you don’t have to eat perfectly or work out constantly to be in excellent shape and be healthy. You can live life, have fun, enjoy workouts and even indulge sometimes. Don’t feel like it has to be an all-or-nothing approach. A splurge here and there won’t hurt you as long as you’re eating well most of the time.”

3 Start Small

Oftentimes an immense change in diet or a workout schedule can lead to fitness burnout, but Erin says it’s all about starting small and finding balance. “We all think ‘getting healthy’ is about some massively big change, but it’s actually about creating a habit of being active, and then building from there for it to be a real lifestyle change. Same thing goes for healthy eating. Small changes add up to huge lifelong results!”

2 Find the Right Workout for You

Choosing a workout regimen can be a little daunting these days, especially now that there are so many activities to choose from (we’re pretty sure your mother never had to choose between Zumba, yogalates, and CrossFit), but Jenn suggests that you begin your fitness repertoire slowly, “Start with finding a workout or activity that you love. Do that most days of the week until it’s a habit that you can’t imagine not doing. Then branch out by trying new workouts – I love CrossFit-style workouts that involve high-intensity intervals and functional strength moves like pull-ups and squats.”

1 Utilize Your Resources

There is so much noise out there in the world of health and fitness, and a lot of times you just have to dive in and figure out what things work for you and your routine. Erin insists that a little research is key:  “My most recent ‘aha’ moment was finding a couple of training apps for my phone that give me specific workouts to do at the gym. Even seasoned exercisers can go blank at the gym, and apps are awesome for making sure you have a plan and stay on target for your workout! Also, any group exercise class is great for getting you motivated and making you push yourself.”

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