5 People With “Real” Super Powers

For most of us, anyone who can run a marathon or throw a baseball more than a few dozen yards seems to have super human powers of strength and endurance. People who can stick to diets and not gorge themselves on hot wings and Cool Ranch Doritos? Also amazing! But today we’re not going to talk about these everyday heroes and their amazing abilities to be healthy human beings, we’re going to talk about a few people who seem to cross into that realm of actual super power-like abilities. Prepare to feel much worse about yourself …

5 Ryan Doyle: Spider Man IRL

OK, technically Ryan Doyle is not actually Spider Man, because Spider Man is a fictional character created by Stan Lee. And also he can’t shoot webbing from his wrists. But everything else about this world champion free-runner seems to suggest that he is about as close as you can get. Doyle effortlessly combines martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics and good old strength and agility to make this sport look effortless which — believe us, before you try any of it — it is not.

4 Tanya Streeter: Aqua Woman

Tanya Streeter may look like any other tall, striking blond woman, but this native of the British Cayman Islands is actually apparently half fish. She holds multiple free diving records (meaning underwater with no scuba or other breathing gear), both for time and depth. Ms. Streeter set a world record by diving down to 525 feet below the surface. And let us remind you … she did that without any air supply!

3 Brian Shaw: The White Hulk

Brian Shaw is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, weighs more than 430 pounds, and you had better be glad he’s a nice guy, because he is widely considered the world’s strongest man. Shaw can lift more than a thousand pounds off the ground and raise half that above his head. He has dragged 18-wheelers and cargo planes across quarter-mile-long stretches of tarmac. And he has set multiple world records for strength, making him – without much dispute – actually the strongest man alive.

2 Isabella Beverley: Hawk Eyes

Isabella Beverley may look like an average European woman to you, but to her, you look like someone she can see very, very well – even from great distances. That’s because what should have been run-of-the-mill corrective laser eye surgery instead left her with wildly enhanced “super vision!” The operation that gave her these amazing peepers uses a laser beam “mapping technology” to create an image of the inside and outside of the patient’s eye before the process begins, making it much more effective than traditional procedures. Ms. Beverley’s sight cannot accurately be rated, because she can see better than every existing test.

1 Usain Bolt: The Human Lightning Bolt

Usain Bolt was destined to be a runner, with a surname like that. The damn thing is a double-double entendre for speed and running fast, for crying out loud! And he lives up to his name with seconds to spare, shattering previous records for the 100- and 200-meter dash. Bolt’s current record speed for the 100-meter dash is 9.58 seconds. The average speed for that sprint is around 12.5 seconds. The difference might be small in seconds, but think of it like this: Bolt is around 30 percent faster than the average trained, experienced sprinter.

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