15 People With “Real” Superpowers

When you are watching a superhero movie, you are jealous of their powers. Here are people with superpowers that will blow your mind!

For most of us, anyone who can run a marathon or throw a baseball more than a few dozen yards seems to have superhuman powers of strength and endurance. People who can stick to diets and not gorge themselves on hot wings and Cool Ranch Doritos? Also amazing! But today, we’re not going to talk about these everyday heroes and their amazing abilities to be healthy human beings. We’re going to talk about a few people who seem to cross into that realm of actual superpower-like abilities. People with superpowers will make you feel that you had their power. Prepare to feel much worse about yourself.

Here are 15 people with superpowers.

15.) Liam Hoekstra — Super Strength

liam hoekstra

Fitness Genes

This little kid has a rare genetic condition; his body does not produce protein myostatin, which helps muscle growth.

Because of this, Liam is naturally stronger. He has said he has to eat more to keep up with his body!

14.) Marilu Henner — Photographic Memory

Marilu Henner

Linda Maltow / Pixintl / Splash News/ Corbis

You might think it’s difficult to remember what you had for dinner last week, but Marilu Henner remembers what she had for dinner since she was a child! She has a condition known as hyperthymesia, which is the ability to recall every detail about her life!

She describes her real-life superpower as having little videos in her head playing at the same time.

13.) Michel Lotito — Eats Everything

michel lotito

Action Free

Lotito is known as “Mr. Eats All.” Throughout his entire career, Michel has consumed unsafe objects like glass, rubber, and metal. He even drank oil!

Some people say that he suffers from Pica, which is a disorder that makes someone have an appetite for non-consumable foods.

12.) Javier Botet — Elastic Man

javier botet

The Scary Closet

Botet can bend himself into unimaginable positions. He suffers from a genetic condition known as Marfan syndrome, which impacts connective tissue throughout the body.

People with this syndrome tend to be extraordinarily tall, with long limbs and fingers. They even have “abnormal flexibility.”

11.) Unknown Family — Unbreakable Bones

unbreakable bones


There is an unnamed family in Connecticut that suffers from a condition that can result in stronger and denser bones.

The bones also are resistant to aging. Wow!

10.) Mother/Daughter Duo — Lack of Sleep

sleep disorder

Most people need eight or more hours of sleep to function during the day. Not this mother/daughter duo though!

Because of a rare gene known as DEC2, these two are short sleepers. They need far less sleep than the average person!

9.) Eero Mantyranta – Endurance Master

eero mantyranta

This Finnish Olympic skiing champion has genetic super endurance powers. He and his family have a condition called Mantyranta.

This condition has resulted in the ability to carry 50 percent more oxygen in their bloodstream, which is a trait that is advantageous in endurance competition.

8.) Antonio Alfonseca — Six Fingers

antonio alfonseca

The Phillies

A former MLB relief pitcher had a sixth finger on his throwing hand. WHAT?

It is a condition known as the Octopus, which is an additional extremity on each hand and foot. Having an extra finger on a throwing hand is helpful to win baseball games!

7.) Takeru Kobayashi — Hot Dog Eater

takeru kobayashi

Sports Illustrated

People with superpowers can eat a bunch too! Kobayashi is a competitive eater that has a unique ability.

His stomach sits far lower than the average human, which gives it room to expand upwards. This results in him eating more food!

6.) Elizabeth Taylor — Amazing Eyelashes

elizabeth taylor


The late actress “suffered” from a rare condition known as distichia. This condition resulted in eyelashes arising from abnormal spots on the eyelids. In Taylor’s case, she had a fuller, longer set of eyelashes.

People were obsessed with how amazing her eyes looked.

5.) Ryan Doyle — Spider-Man IRL

ryan doyle

Welcome to Astana

OK, technically Ryan Doyle is not Spider-Man because Spider-Man is a fictional character created by Stan Lee. And he can’t shoot webbing from his wrists. But everything else about this world champion free-runner seems to suggest that he is about as close as you can get.

Doyle effortlessly combines martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics, and good old strength and agility to make this sport look effortless which — believe us, before you try any of it — it is not.

4.) Tanya Streeter — Aqua Woman

tanya streeter

Ted Talks

Tanya Streeter may look like any other tall, striking blond woman, but this native of the British Cayman Islands is apparently half fish. She holds multiple free diving records (meaning underwater with no scuba or other breathing gear), both for time and depth.

Ms. Streeter set a world record by diving down to 525 feet below the surface. And let us remind you, she did that without any air supply!

3.) Brian Shaw — The Hulk

brian shaw

World of Strength

Brian Shaw is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, weighs more than 430 pounds, and you had better be glad he’s a nice guy, because he is widely considered the world’s strongest man. Shaw can lift more than a thousand pounds off the ground and raise half that above his head.

He has dragged 18-wheelers and cargo planes across quarter-mile-long stretches of tarmac. And he has set multiple world records for strength, making him – without much dispute – actually the strongest man alive.

2.) Isabella Beverley — Hawk Eyes

hawk eyes

Istock / Povozniuk

Isabella Beverley may look like an average European woman to you, but to her, you look like someone she can see very, very well – even from great distances. That’s because what should have been run-of-the-mill corrective laser eye surgery instead left her with wildly enhanced “supervision!”

The operation that gave her these amazing peepers uses a laser beam “mapping technology” to create an image of the inside and outside of the patient’s eye before the process begins, making it much more effective than traditional procedures. Ms. Beverley’s sight cannot accurately be rated, because she can see better than every existing test.

1.) Usain Bolt — The Human Lightning Bolt

Usain Bolt

Salih Zeki Fazlolu / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Usain Bolt was destined to be a runner, with a surname like that. The damn thing is a double-double entendre for speed and running fast, for crying out loud! And he lives up to his name with seconds to spare, shattering previous records for the 100- and 200-meter dash. Bolt’s current record speed for the 100-meter dash is 9.58 seconds.

The average speed for that sprint is around 12.5 seconds. The difference might be small in seconds but think of it like this: Bolt is around 30 percent faster than the average trained, experienced sprinter.

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