5 Online Activities for Couples

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Sometimes couples have to be apart for a spell, whether for work, school, or just because they don’t live in the same area. Phone calls and letters used to be the only way people could stay in touch between visits, but thanks to the Internet, couples can do more interactive things to keep their romance alive.

5 Make Time to Video Chat

Everyone knows that communication is a key to relationships. Spending time chatting about events of the day is important for keeping a partner up to date on one’s life, but discussing serious matters and having honest conversations about how couples are feeling is crucial to a healthy relationship. Video chat programs like Skype allow people to see each other and observe body language. Since body language helps convey meaning, using an online video chat service lessens the possibility of misunderstanding (a risk of using static text boxes), which can lead to hurt feelings and disappointments that can begin the breakdown of a relationship. Setting aside time for relationship check-in conversations may not be the most fun activity, but it may improve the relationship.

4 Take an Online Class

Learning something new together is a way for a couple to bond and move their relationship forward even if they’re in different time zones. Couples can enroll in online courses through a college or use programs like MIT’s OpenCourseWare to find a topic they would like to know more about and download lectures to listen to together. Couples can also take language courses online, and learn a new tongue to communicate to each other in.

3 Go on an E-Date

Part of the fun of the early time in any relationship is going out on dates, getting dressed up, looking into each other’s eyes, and engaging in flirtatious banter. Just because two people are not physically in the same room together doesn’t mean they can’t replicate the date experience. One person can still ask the other on an e-date. Both parties can dress up, light some candles, or put on romantic music, and sit in front of a webcam. E-dates are an excellent opportunity to spend quality time relaxing and chatting about what’s going on in each other’s lives, not to mention show off a new haircut or outfit.

2 Dinner and a Movie

Couples can experience an online version of the traditional dinner and a movie by streaming a movie and watching it while enjoying a bite to eat. People can use an online chat program to talk about a movie or TV show in real time. A similar option is to listen to podcasts together. There are many online podcasts that cater to a range of interests, so couples can find something entertaining for both of them.

1 Game Night

Games are a fun way for couples to enjoy spending time together, and with the plethora of online games available it’s almost guaranteed that any couple can find one they both like. Couples can play role-playing games online like World of Warcraft or stick to online versions of traditional games, such as various card games, chess, or other board games –or even solve crossword puzzles or Sudoku puzzles together online. Couples can also challenge other couples to online games.

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