5 of the Most Valuable Pieces of Property on Earth

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Historically, the measure of a person’s wealth was how much land they had. Today, bank accounts and stock portfolios tend to be more concise metrics through which we can determine net worth, but property is still a wildly valuable commodity, especially depending on its location. Selling a half-acre plot of land near New York City, for example, could put the kids through college. Selling a half acre in northern Idaho might buy you a very nice sandwich. If you can get your greedy hands on one of these little patches of terra firma, however, you’ll probably be naming colleges and eating caviar.

5 Take a Seat … For a Price

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The New England Patriots have the most expensive ticket prices in the entire NFL, with their average ticket selling for just less than $250 dollars. Given that Gillette Stadium regularly sees attendance of more than 68,000 fans, that is, oh let’s see, $17 million bucks a game, just for people to have a place to put their butts. Start talking about beer and dogs, and it’s a whole new ballgame …

4 The Million Dollar Parking Spot

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Yeah, that’s right … there’s a parking spot you can purchase for more than $1 million. Just a million bucks, and it’s yours! A place to put your car! The spot is located in downtown New York City, of course, and to be fair it is on the bottom floor of a building where you could pay up to $40 million dollars for a huge penthouse residence. So why not throw in another million bucks to be able to pull in right off the street? Just because that’s an insane way to use money?

3 The Most Expensive Country

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If you want to move to Monaco, you’re going to want to first take the step of becoming wildly rich. The price of an average square foot of real estate there is enough to cover nearly a year of rent in most American cities. You’ll be looking at around six grand a square foot – so to buy a decent sized home in Monaco, plan to bring about $10 million bucks along with you in the suitcase.

2 The World’s Priciest Night

To spend one night in the Royal Penthouse Suite of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland, you would have to pay a good deal more than most American’s annual salaries. In fact, in some markets you could buy a (rather small and awful, admittedly) house for what it costs to spend the night in this suite: $65,000 … for one night. Yeah. Granted, you will have more than 12 rooms at your disposal and will be safe behind bullet-proof windows and doors, but we still recommend you just save up and buy 10 or 15 massive houses this year, instead.

1 The Most Expensive Address in America

As of the writing of this piece, the most expensive home in the country goes for an asking price so damned high it’s almost comical: $135 million. That’s the sticker price for this Dallas, TX mega-mansion. How mega is mega, you ask? Try 42,500 square feet. The home’s square footage is higher than most people’s annual income! No wonder its residents own multiple professional sports teams, among other nice things.

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