5 of the Dumbest Ideas in Over Designed Kitchens

Los Angeles-based interior designer and former owner of Chapman Radcliff, Ruthie Chapman Sommers, has designed the homes of many celebrities and doctors. Her work has been featured in Domino Magazine, In Style, House Beautiful and LA Times. With more than 18-years of work experience, she is a master of the do’s and don’ts of interior design.

5 Their Kitchens Aren’t as Busy as They Are

Why are kitchens peppered with upper cabinets? It takes away places for art and is busy. Most people do not use every square inch of them. Be selective. Save the upper cabinets for a nice butlers pantry or a large closet. Be more old fashioned and live with less. These areas become a place to spend money on items that may be used once a year. This is not great real estate for those items.

4 They Don’t Need Lots of Pantry Space

We have so much unused food in our homes in America. Half of it is thrown out and much of it wasted. Buy what you need. Stay away from too many expiration dates in the pantry. Keep your staples fresh and make your own salad dressing. I love seeing 10 bottles of fancy salad dressing unused for a year in peoples’ homes.

3 They Don’t Cutter Their Kitchen With Refrigeration

Why on earth do we think seeing more than one fridge looks so good? Who cares? Keep a dead man freezer in the garage or pantry and leave the kitchen to one fridge.

2 They Purchase for the Present

I know it is not as fun to only buy a few items every other day. It is also more time consuming. I used to love to hit Whole Foods and drop $300 on the most amazing organic vegetables and fresh fruit and hearty treats. But then it causes too much confusion on what to eat, and snacking and waste are encouraged then resented. Shop daily and eat what you make.

1 They Cook In Real Kitchens, Not TV Sets

Stop showing off water bottles and Perrier bottles. Life is not a photo shoot and it all ends up in the ocean.

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