5 Most Pointless Parts of the Human Body

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Your body is one of the most amazing things in the known universe. Consider the complexity of the endocrine system, the wonders of the brain, the strength of your skeleton and muscles, and even the simple functionality of fingernails. All of these many parts of your body are not only exceptional based on their own merits, but are all the more compelling for how they work in concert with one another. From single-celled organisms drifting about ancient seas, human beings have evolved into the complex, capable creatures we are today. Almost every part of our bodies, from the minute to the massive, plays a role in making us who and what we are. But “almost” is the operative word there: a few parts of our bodies? Pretty much pointless.

5 The Tonsils

Your tonsils are two fleshy little pouches perched above your throat at the back of your mouth. They are a part of the body’s natural defense system, intended to help fight off infectious invaders that are trying to enter your body. The problem with the tonsils is that while they are fighting that infection, they become swollen and painful, giving you a sore throat and even causing respiratory issues. That’s why getting them removed used to be so common, and why today, thanks to antibiotics that fight off infection better than the tonsils ever could, they’re just about useless.

4 The Appendix

Once thought to be totally useless in modern humans—a relic from the days of consuming uncooked meat—the appendix is now considered more than totally pointless… but it is far from necessary. This little tube-shaped organ, found in the right side of the pelvis a bit above the thigh, stores helpful bacteria which many scientists now believe the body uses to repopulate the stomach and intestines with healthy bacterium after a sickness or a treatment has eliminated said bacteria. But the appendix also likes to rupture, causing a severe and potentially fatal infection, and it loses points for that.

3 The Coccyx

Your coccyx, AKA your tailbone, is about as pointless as can be. Why? Because you don’t have a tail. We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you that. What you do have is several fused vertebrae and other bones forming the base of what would be a tail, and instead is merely a region prone to extremely painful and rather embarrassing injuries.

2 The Plica Semilunaris

You know how certain birds, fish and lizards, most notably the crocodile, have extra, “sideways” eyelids? Well guess what? You do too! Sort of. That little triangular bit of moist flesh at the corner of your eye closest to your nose is actually the vestigial remnants of that same type of eyelid. The plica semilunaris plays absolutely no role whatsoever in your life, yet there it remains, stubbornly emerging from the genes of every human being.

1 Wisdom Teeth

Hey, here’s a wise idea: you already have 28 teeth, all shaped into perfect positioning thanks to your parents’ money and years of orthodontics and maintained by modern hygiene techniques and regular visits to the dentist, right? So let’s just go ahead and add more teeth to the back there, now that you’re in your late teens or early twenties and finally done with all that dental unpleasantness! Wisdom teeth almost always cause problems, so it’s nice that fewer and fewer people even get them anymore. They are totally pointless for modern human beings.

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