5 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2013

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Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks at the pump or want to go green, 2013 is a shining year for electric and hybrid vehicles. With consumers comfortably buying EVs and giving up their worries about charging stations and range anxiety, there are more and more options every year. We’ve pulled out the top fuel-efficient cars of 2013 – read on if you’re hoping to raise those MPGs.

5 Chevy Volt (City 95 MPGe / 93 Highway MPGe)

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The Volt can be a little pricey, but its functionality as both a full electric car and a hybrid – along with offering a fun ride, great looks, and a stellar interior – make it potentially worth it for the right buyer. Along with the Leaf, the Volt was one of the early kick-starters to help get EVs back onto the road after GM screwed the pooch with their first EV.

4 Nissan Leaf (106 City MPGe / 92 Highway MPGe)

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The last full EV on this list, the Leaf has proven itself to be an amazing little machine, easily winning over customer’s hearts. Even if the Leaf hasn’t been sold as much as hybrids like the Prius, it has helped pave the way for other EVs to enter the market.

3 Ford Focus BEV (110 City MPGe / 99 Highway MPGe)

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The Ford Focus is the EV you want if you’re hoping for a bit more room and a bit more features. Ford hopes that by marketing their liquid cooling technology that regulates the temperature of the 23kWh lithium-ion battery, they will impress the crowds interested in the latest car tech. Throw in the Ford SYNC and the Focus BEV is still a far cry from being the best car out there for the cash, but it’s not a bad choice in the world of EVs

2 Mitsubishi i (126 City MPGe / 99 Highway MPGe)

Image Credit: Greenfleetmagazine.com

Mitsubishi doesn’t try to hide the idea that the Mitsubishi i is a car for city dwellers and the hip crowd. Like the Fit EV, it has three modes to compensate for your driving style, and still wants to give you a good time and great handling. Still, this fully electric vehicle pushes to be more unique looking than edgy. No matter what you think of how it looks, it’s a cheap EV if you’re ready to make the jump to full electric.

1 Honda Fit EV (132 City MPGe / 105 Highway MPGe)

Image Credit: Winnipeghonda.ca

The Honda Fit EV is currently only sold in limited numbers, but it promises to be one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market – considering it doesn’t take any gas at all. The Fit EV holds up to five people, and its 92kW electric motor produces 189 lb-ft of torque, which isn’t too shabby. Three setting options control the energy usage of the Fit EV, depending on your driving-style preference. That means you can get conservative or sporty depending on your mood – and how much electricity you want to suck.

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