5 Most Contentious Topics of Conversation

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Virtually any topic you see on the news is sure to get your blood boiling. These same topics can also send your partner’s blood pressure skyrocketing, although those views could be the complete opposite of yours. If you’re aiming to not get into an argument today, avoid these top five contentious topics. However, if you really want to pick a fight with a co-worker, these points may be just what you’re looking for.

5 Evolution

Do you believe in science—that we are all results of millions of years of spontaneous combustions and evolution? Or, are you more of a faithful person who believes one man and one woman were put here on earth to populate the planet? Maybe you have no idea but are just happy to be alive. One thing’s for certain: If you have the traditional Christian fish on the back of your car, you’re bound to get into a heated discussion with someone with the footed-fish decal, symbolizing their strong views of evolution.

4 The Death Penalty

The death penalty always brings up quite the buzz. After all, how ethical is it to kill someone who killed others? Some say it’s a taste of their own medicine and stops the heinous crimes of that madman. Others think it’s better to let the criminals live out their lives in confinement and let a higher power deal with them. This hot-button topic of conversation isn’t going away anytime soon, especially since each state has its own rules and regulations about the death penalty.

3 Abortion

Abortion isn’t a pleasant topic, but it’s one that always tops headlines and everyone seems to have strong views on it. Not all opinions are black and white either; it’s not as simple as pro-choice or pro-life. You have to consider other factors, such as the mother’s health or if the pregnancy was a result of a sex crime. Whatever your views are, if you sit across the dinner table or work with someone who thinks the exact opposite, you’ll be in prime pouncing position for an all-out debate.

2 Cheating in Relationships

Guys and gals each have vast differences in opinions as to exactly when cheating takes place. The obvious is when your partner hops into bed with someone, but sometimes cheating isn’t quite so blatant. Maybe he’s been sending flirtatious sexts to that new intern at the office, or maybe she is just way too close to her buddy from college. No matter what, cheating is cheating when one partner feels threatened or uncomfortable from the other person’s behavior. Lay out some ground rules and make your definition of cheating understood—before it ever gets to the point of the big blow up.

1 Firearm Control

The right to bear arms has been a long-standing privilege of Americans for hundreds of years. With the population spike and the increase in number of guns on the streets, the constant flow of media images puts all of those horrific violent gun crimes out in plain view. You may have one extreme view and think we need to abolish all guns or leave them solely for our armed forces and police brigades. Alternatively, you could be on the other end of the spectrum and believe that Americans should retain their freedom of lawful gun ownership. Some folks even stand somewhere in the middle—you can have firearms, but only after you go through extensive background checks from the government. No matter your stance, you’re likely to get into a heated debate if you bring up the topic of gun control with the wrong crowd.

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