5 Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews

Part of being rich and famous is dealing with constantly being in the spotlight. Whether they like it or not, celebrities are often thrown in front of the camera and asked to answer a series of questions as their actual selves, because for some reason, the general public is interested in what they have to say.
The release of a new film, or an album, or especially a scandal, comes with a constant stream of interviews conducted by countless different media outlets. And while most celebrities know how to play it cool and do their part by answering a few, often asinine questions, and be on their way, once in a while things get REALLY awkward.

5 Bruce Willis

Sometimes, celebrities like to play a little hard to get. You know, mess with their interviewers a bit? But then again, sometimes they can just kind of be dicks. And it seems Bruce Willis was intent on doing the latter in a recent interview promoting his new movie Red 2. Bruce dodges and or/half ignores the questions of the British radio host, then proceeds to explain to him how the fun part of making the movie is over, and how much he hates “selling the movie” in interviews. Really? Because you seem to love it, Bruce.

4 Tracy Morgan

Apparently El Paso, Texas + Tracy Morgan = AMAZING. In this priceless interview Tracy quickly goes off the rails, first telling the interviewer how much he enjoys “Jaguars,” the local strip joint, then promises that “Somebody gonna get pregnant!” during his two day stay in town. Tracy then shows off his “mating call” that consists of slapping his bare belly, and pulls his shirt off to dance for the camera. But the most awkward moment comes when he calls himself a sex symbol, and the completely bewildered host says, “Your physique is very impressive!”

3 Paula Abdul

The former pop star and American Idol judge claims she has never been drunk in her life. Which is fair, unless you watch this interview in which she was DEFINITELY hammered. Paula slurs her words, flops her head around like Stevie Wonder, and answers a question with the unofficial mantra of the confused drunk; “It is, what it is.” After the interview, Paula explained her behavior, claiming she was confused by having two different audio feeds in her ear. In which case, everyone go out and plug into two different audio sources, because it will apparently save you a ton of money on vodka.

2 Charlie Sheen

Nobody melts down on camera quite like Charlie Sheen. Nobody. After his infamous departure from the massive CBS hit Two And A Half men, Sheen went on an interview bender in which he’d seemingly sit down with anyone who offered to put a camera on him, and proceeded to lose his damn mind. Offering up hectic rants against the show, and spewing the maniacal words of a true madman, Sheen set a new precedent for awkward interviews. He also introduced priceless terms like “Tiger’s Blood,” “Adonis DNA” and “Mercury Surfboard” into the lexicon.

1 James Brown

The Godfather of Soul was also the unquestioned King of the Awkward Interview. Back in 1988, shortly after being released from one of his many stays in prison, James Brown conducted an interview in which he answered probing questions about he and his wife’s domestic issues by nonsensically shouting his own song lyrics. He also took some time to point out his new status as a single man, and promote his lovemaking prowess. At one point he even just yells “JAM!” for no reason at all. Great stuff, James.

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