5 Jobs With Surprisingly Large Salaries

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Finding a career that you love, and that pays well, is a challenge for most people. While everyone expects doctors, lawyers and business executives to draw huge salaries, it’s easy to overlook some more unusual or everyday jobs that also provide ample compensation. Whether it’s time to change careers or just get some perspective, comparing jobs to their salaries can be very enlightening, and even shocking.

5 Funeral Services

Working with families following a death isn’t for everyone, but there’s significant compensation for those who are comfortable with and skilled at the work. Service managers, who arrange funerals and make sure that a family’s wishes are met, have an average yearly salary approaching $80,000, according to “Forbes.” Behind the scenes, embalmers, who prepare bodies for burial, make $43,680 a year.

4 Political Scientist

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For workers with a knack for politics and an interest in history, political science represents a lucrative opportunity. Most liberal arts colleges offer poli sci programs, and graduates can go to work for governments think tanks, consultancy firms or individual political campaigns. Median pay is over $107,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With more and more students gravitating toward the field, getting a job in political science will become more challenging over time.

3 Air Traffic Controller

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Certain government jobs have a reputation for stability but limited pay. Not so for air traffic controllers, who are employed by the federal government through the Federal Aviation Administration. This high-stress job makes workers responsible for the lives of airline passengers and crew. However, for those with air traffic control experience through the military, it can be a ready-made fit with a median annual wage of more than $108,000.

2 Personal Shopper

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For someone who enjoys shopping, being paid to do so may seem like a dream job. The work involves shopping on behalf of clients for specialty items and everyday purchases alike. At $25,000 per year, shopping for a living might seem too good to be true. According to “Forbes,” elite personal shoppers can far exceed this average to make upwards of $100,000 a year.

1 Natural Sciences Manager

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While some laboratory technicians and scientists are well-paid in their own right, those who manage them and oversee their work can earn even more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, natural sciences managers earn a median salary of more than $116,000 each year. That equates to $55 per hour, and only a bachelor’s degree is needed. A natural sciences manager directs research and manufacturing processes, splitting time between an office and lab. Coupled with the pay, this makes it an appealing job to anyone with an interest in science.

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