5 Insane Celebrity Purchases

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When you’ve got lots of money, you can spend it however you damn well please, and celebrities remind us of that fact every day. Apparently, along with fame and fortune, becoming a true celebrity also involves a dash of crazy and a wild amount of financial irresponsibility. Because hey, everyone knows that fame lasts forever.
The strange spending habits of the rich and famous have perhaps never been more evident than today, with rumors swirling (pun intended) that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently spent $767,000 to outfit their new Bel Air, California mansion with four gold-plated toilets. And while not every celebrity is crapping into a literal throne, there’s still plenty of ridiculous spending to go around.

5 Justin Bieber

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The life of a young pop icon isn’t all speeding in Ferraris and peeing in mop buckets. It’s all about looking good, too. Which is why Justin Bieber spends more on his haircut than you paid for your television. The Biebs reportedly spends $750 per haircut, which he gets every few weeks from celebrity stylist Vanessa Price. And while her cost may seem a bit steep at first glance, just imagine it was you who had to keep coming up with fresh new ways to make Bieber look like a small lesbian. That’s no easy gig.

4 Nicolas Cage

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Hollywood nutbar Nicolas Cage and the word crazy have become synonymous in recent years, and that’s not just because he’ll seemingly star in any movie, even if it’s pitched to him from a passing car. His financial discretion has also been called into question, perhaps never more so than back in 2009 when he spent $276,000 at auction to purchase a dinosaur skull. Though admittedly, for a guy who already looks like a legitimate super villain, a dinosaur skull is actually a pretty badass accessory for his lair.

3 Paris Hilton

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Heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune, Paris Hilton was born rich. Then she starred in a sex tape that for some reason helped her birth the reality TV epidemic, making her famous and even richer. Then she bought a $325,000 dog mansion for her pets to live in. That’s pretty much the timeline. Now, with her unjust fame all but withered away to nothing, we can only hope that her family fortune is somehow completely decimated, forcing her to eventually move into the tiny replica of her former home, and pay rent to her own dogs.

2 Lady Gaga

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Well this is no surprise. This woman has worn outfits made entirely out of raw meat, so it’s pretty safe to say that eccentricity is in her wheelhouse. Evidently, back in 2010, the esteemed Lady of Gaga spent nearly $50,000 on what the average person spends zero dollars on… ghost hunting equipment. That’s right; Gaga dropped a cool 47k on an electromagnetic field meter (and yes, if you’re wondering, that IS the thing they use in Ghost Busters to know when Slimer’s nearby) in hopes of tracking down a ghost she believed was haunting her. So what will be the Lady’s next big purchase? No ghost hunter’s outfit is complete without a proton pack.

1 Mike Tyson

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What? Former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson is on a list of celebrities noted for making poor decisions?! Say it ain’t so, Iron Mike. Yes, amidst what can only be called a veritable cornucopia of terrible career decisions, is the champ’s one-time purchase of a $2 million bathtub, which he bought for first wife Robin Givens. Needless to say, the couple is no longer together, Tyson has been bankrupt several times over, and his career since has been marked mostly by disastrous one-man shows and pigeon racing.

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