5 Incredible Rube Goldberg Machines

Image Credit: RubeGoldberg.com
Despite being an engineer, inventor, sculptor, author, and Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist, the famous Rube Goldberg’s legacy lies in a series of popular cartoons depicting incredibly complex machines built to perform very simple tasks – otherwise known as Rube Goldberg machines.

There have been many instances of Rube Goldberg machines portrayed in popular media such as OK Go’s music video, PeeWee Herman’s breakfast making machine, and even a marketing ploy by Coca Cola asking the help of YouTubers to create their very own Coke sharing machine.

The following videos are of Rube Goldberg machines that we found particularly enthralling.

5 2D Photography Rube Goldberg Machine

Even though blatant advertising is a core part to this Rube Goldberg machine, it’s nonetheless an amazing and enchanting watch. Majority of the equipment used in this machine is what you would find in a photography studio.

4 Rube Goldberg K’NEX and Ping Pong Ball Machine

Ever wanted to find a new and interesting way to use all of those K’NEX you got for Christmas as a child, and put it all to techno music? Well too bad, it’s already been done.

3 Japanese Rube Goldberg Ramen Maker

This beautiful rendition of a Rube Goldberg machine comes at us straight from Japan, whose ultimate purpose is to create a delicious bowl of Ramen in the most complex way possible.

2 Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine in a House

This Rube Goldberg machine takes place all through someone’s home. The fact that there are multiple cuts makes it seem like they weren’t successful at getting everything to work on any single run, nonetheless the machine is still impressive.

1 Purdue’s Guinness World Recording Winning Rube Goldberg Machine

Yes, you read that correctly, there’s an actual Guinness World Record that was awarded to Purdue University’s students for creating the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine in the world at 300 steps. It took 5,000 hours to complete, with the ultimate task of inflating and popping a balloon.

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