5 Ideas for Tumblr Photography Pages

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Clearly there is no shortage of creativity on Tumblr. Some might even find the colossal sea of pages overwhelming. However, making your photography page stand out is easier than you may think. Consider combining your artistic side with everyday inspirations to create your own theme.

5 Children Learning

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Children are like knowledge sponges. They pick up things quickly and learn from the people around them. It is easy to forget what it was like to not know how to tell time, count money or read, but experiencing a child learning for the first time is priceless. Photography is an excellent way to show the innocence of a child learning something new and the skill of an adult or another child teaching them.

4 Go Go Go!

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Everyone has a different way of getting from one destination to another. The New York subway system is very different than the back roads of France, but either is just as important to the people who travel it every day. Grab a camera and make your photography page a tribute to those who commute in dozens of different ways.

3 Everyday Athletes

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Enjoyable exercise classes and affordable neighborhood gyms are making it easier than ever to look and feel like a champion. Photography is an excellent way to capture athletes in the raw form of giving it their all through hard work and sweat. Go to the park, the local high school track, the YMCA or anywhere people go to break a sweat. Catching people in action is invigorating for them, and motivating for those who click on your photography page.

2 Love Is All Around

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In our demanding society, it’s easy to forget that examples of good deeds and love are happening all around us. Let each picture you take represent a scene of humanity that tells its own story. A Tumblr photography page dedicated to taking notice of love in its purest form will certainly inspire others. Sharing the pictures socially might cause a positive reaction: You never know who your photography will touch.

1 Graffiti Gone Social

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We see it on abandoned walls, in tunnels, on overpasses and just about anyplace a person can fearlessly trek with cans of spray paint. The graffiti culture has grown in popularity, and documentaries such as “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and “Graffiti Fine Art” have created awareness of street art. Consider devoting your Tumblr photography page to the many shapes, sizes and styles of graffiti.

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