15 Hottest Women in Broadcast Journalism

They got it all: they're beauties with brains and we can't get over them. Meet the 15 hottest female broadcasters who have made a splash in the industry!

Gone are the days when a woman’s role on the nightly news was relegated to looking sexy while talking about the weather. (Well, gone are the days of the “nightly news,” even—now we have the “news cycle.”) And rightly so! Women are every bit as competent as men when it comes to interpreting and conveying information.

But even as we have watched proud pioneers like Katie Couric take the anchor chair, we have to be honest with ourselves. There are newswomen out there so hot that not acknowledging their less-analytical attributes would be newsworthy in and of itself.

Here are a few those incredible woman who are the hottest female broadcasters.

15.) Gigi Stone Woods

gigi stone hottest females broadcasters

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This NYC girl reached for the moon and got her place among the stars. She has worked for some of the biggest stations in the U.S. including CBS News, Bloomberg, and ABC News.

We loved seeing her take on a powerful role as she hosted and co-produced the acclaimed series Inspiring Women in Business.

14.) Betty Nguyen

betty nguyen hottest females broadcasters

Betty Nguyen Twitter

This award-winning journalist has got it all. She has worked for NBC and CBS Morning News and blew our minds with her talent.

She interviewed the Dalai Lama, then-President George Washington Bush, Sir Richard Branson, Christian Louboutin, and many more. Betty Nguyen is one of those people who are as beautiful inside and out. She helped create The Betty Nguyen Scholarship in Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin to help students pursuing careers in journalism.

13.) Cari Champion

cari champion hottest females broadcasters


Cari Champion fits her name like a glove! This astonishing lady is one of the hottest female broadcasters in sports.

This avid basketball and tennis fans had joined ESPN in 2012 and was promoted to different positions as time went on. She is now a sideline reporter for The Titan Games, created and hosted by Dwayne Johnson.

12.) Ghida Fakhry

ghida fakhry hottest female broadcasters

Grant Ellis / Wikimedia

Ghida Fakhry is a woman of many talents and uncontested beauty. This lady has had a career path to look up to. She is a broadcast journalist and current affairs program presenter with TRT World. She joined Al Jazeera English at its launch as a lead anchor and was a contributor to the Huffington Post.

Ghida was also voted one of four US-based news anchors in Esquire Magazine’s Women We Love in 2007 and named amongst Most Influential Arabs by Arabia Business Power 500.

11.) Tamron Hall

tamron hall hottest females broadcasters

Noam Galai / Getty Images

This gorgeous Texas girl is not afraid to dive in headfirst into emotionally charged and complex stories, all while keeping her cool.

Tamron Hall had worked with NBC News and MSNBC and was featured in many publications (Forbes, Huffington Post, Ebony Magazine). She is now focusing on crime investigation with her shows Guns on Campus: Tamron Hall Investigates and Deadline: Crime.

10.) Brooke Baldwin

brooke baldwin hottest female broadcasters


You probably know Brooke Baldwin. This beautiful woman caught our hearts with her strong broadcasting skills and natural charm. This made her one of the most popular television news anchors and one of the hottest female broadcasters in the country.

The 38-year-old woman started her career in 2001 with WVIR-TV in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has then joined CNN in 2008 and is now a host in CNN Newsroom.

9.) Susan Li

susan li hottest female broadcasters


Susan Li is a sensation, and no one can convince us otherwise. Born in China and raised in Canada, her career started in the latter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Her career flourished, helped by the fact that she is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She had worked for CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe, CCTV, and Bloomberg Television.

8.) Julie Banderas

julie banderas hottest females broadcasters

Julie Banderas is one of those news anchors you can’t easily forget. Partly because of her presence and strong opinions on TV, but also partly because of her dashing features and stunningly clean-cut appearance.

The 45-year-old Emmy award-winning news anchor started her career in WLVI-TV and now works for the Fox News Channel.

7.) Robin Meade

robin meade hottest females broadcasters

Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

Robin Meade is one of the hottest female broadcasters in the country, and she has the credentials to prove it. She is a former Miss Ohio and a runner-up on the Miss America Pageant, all while releasing two music albums!

Her broadcasting career is even more impressive. She had covered the 1996 Olympics with WMAQ-TV, the NBC affiliate, joined HLN, and even became a host in Oprah Winfrey’s Ask Oprah’s All-Stars.

6.) Alex Wagner

alex wagner hottest females broadcasters

As we’re on the subject of multi-talented beautiful and sophisticated journalists, meet Alex Wagner.

For those who aren’t familiar with her work, this ambitious lady worked for CBS, The Huffington Post, and was even a White House Correspondent. She is now the senior editor at The Atlantic, and we couldn’t be more proud!

5.) Lauren Sanchez

lauren sanchez hottest female broadcasters

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If you don’t mind a slight lack of substance and more than a little surgical enhancement in your female journalists, then Lauren Sanchez is the journalist for you! She is an Emmy-nominated reporter who has appeared on shows ranging from Good Day LA to Larry King Live to So You Think You Can Dance.

She has also acted in several huge Hollywood movies and on popular TV shows. Sanchez’s MO is more focused on celebrity and popular culture than hardnosed journalistic endeavor. She still has cred, and she is easy on the eyes.

4.) Erin Burnett

erin burnett hottest female broadcasters

Frankly, we’re not sure Erin Burnett deserves a primetime show, but we are sure that she’s hot. Maybe there is a correlation there; we don’t know.

Burnett was in finance before the start of her journalistic career, which saw her featured on Bloomberg TV, NBC, and facilitating the production of documentary films before joining up with CNN. Her skills as an anchor are occasionally shaky, with her sometimes missing the tone of a story, but she’s pretty good, and she’s pretty hot.

3.) Lara Logan

lora logan banner

Richard Brian/Reuters

Ms. Logan not only looks great but even sounds it, too. Her soft South African accent makes everything she says that much sexier. And considering she is one of the lead correspondents for the juggernaut of a news program, CBS’s 60 Minutes, it’s a voice many around the world know well.

In addition to being a pretty woman with a lovely voice, Lara Logan is also a brilliant and fearless reporter, covering issues ranging from unrest in Egypt to the War in Afghanistan. She has won multiple awards during her two decades of superlative journalism.

2.) Abby Martin

abby martin hottest females broadcasters

Abby Martin is one of those all-too-common journalist/psychedelic artists you hear about these days. It seems like you can’t flip on the news without seeing a journalist/psychedelic artist anymore! Or maybe we’re confused, and Ms. Martin is the only person occupying this strange crossroad.

But in all seriousness, she’s a breath of fresh air when compared to the entirety of mainstream media in America. She asks hard-hitting questions and isn’t afraid to make her interviewees feel squeamish on her RT show Breaking the Set — all while looking drop-dead gorgeous.

Though not yet a household name, don’t be surprised when you start hearing more about Ms. Martin and her proactive, no-BS approach to newsgathering.

1.) Mélissa Theuriau

mélissa theuriau broadcasters

For the number one hottest newswoman alive, we had to hop across the pond. Sorry ‘Merica, but France’s Mélissa Theuriau is stunning. And in fact, she has been voted the Most Beautiful News Reporter by dozens of websites and newspapers, and she has become something of a viral internet star.

Most impressive of all (beyond her bone structure and soft, flowing hair) is the fact that she is indeed a legitimate journalist and an informed commentator. She obtained plural degrees in communication and journalism and has over a decade of bona fide experience under her belt.

These women are both intelligent and stunning. Watch them on your favorite shows.