35 Hottest Female Reality TV Stars of All Time

Reality TV shows are the one of the most watched shows on TV these days. See the hottest female reality TV stars that make them that way.

When people want real drama that isn’t (too) scripted, they’re most likely to turn on some reality television. Yes, given its penchant for insanity, hissy fits and immaturity, the genre has become a guilty obsession for some. It’s attracted quite a few aspiring actors, models and socialites to try to squeeze a little more than fifteen minutes of fame out of a constantly evolving medium. While they might be a little crazy, we’ve certainly seen some that are crazy hot as well, prompting our list of the hottest female reality TV stars!

We hope to see some of these hottest female reality TV stars return to the small screen, but some ultra-hot pictures will have to do until then.

35.) Kendra Wilkinson

kendra wilkinson hottest female reality tv stars


  • Reality TV Show: The Girl Next Door
  • Years Running: 2005-2010

She was one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and also appeared on the reality TV show, The Girl Next Door.

Although she was not a Playboy Playmate, she has appeared in some of their nude pictorials. With a body like that at the time, she certainly belonged on the list of hottest female reality TV shows.

34.) Kenya Moore

kenya moore hottest female reality tv stars


  • Reality TV show: Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • Years running: 2008-present

She certainly deserves to be on the list of the hottest reality stars of all time.

Moore, who won the Miss USA Pagent in 1993, went ahead to compete for the Miss World Crown and finished in top six.

That says a lot about the hotness of the Detroit born actress and model. Moore also featured on the reality TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta and there was constant debate over who was sexier: Moore or Brandi Glanville.

33.) Joanna Krupa

joanna krupa


  • Reality TV Show: Real Housewives of Miami 
  • Years running: 2011-2013

She was featured on the reality TV show Real Housewives of Miami. She is one of the most controversial members of the show.

Plus, she has the body that could leave tongues waggling. She’s widely considered one of the hottest female reality TV stars.

32.) Padma Lakshmi

padma lakshmi hottest female reality tv stars

Flight Photo Agency

  • Reality Show: Top Chef
  • Years running: 2006- present

She was the host of America’s top cooking reality show Top Chef.

Apart from dropping it like it’s hot on the show, her body is no different. The former model has a body to kill for.

31.) Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a former super model


  • Reality Show: Project Runway
  • Years running: 2004-present

She was also a supermodel. In fact, she was the first German to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Klum was a host on two reality TV shows, Project Runway and Germany’s Next Top Model.

30.) Julianne Hough

julianne hough hottest female reality tv stars

Arthur Belebeau/SHAPE Magazine

  • Reality Show: Dancing With the Stars
  • Years running: 2005 – present

Some might argue with her being number 10 on this list. Many people would list Hough as one of the hottest female reality TV stars of all time.

The Dancing With the Stars champion is even considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful women.

29.) Tyra Banks

tyra banks hottest female reality tv stars

Mike Pont/Getty Images

  • Reality Show: America’s Next Top Model
  • Years running: 2003 – present

Supermodel and business tycoon, Tyra Banks is one lady who has achieved a lot. She was the first African-American to be featured on GQ and Sports Illustrated.

Aside from the supermodel achievement, Banks also ran a successful reality TV show for 23 long seasons. You couldn’t deny she was almost on the same level of sexiness as some of the competitors, making her one of the hottest female reality TV stars.

28.) Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian hottest female reality tv stars

Presley Ann/Getty Images for ABA

  • Reality Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • Years running: 2007-present

This is one of the members of the Kardashian clan that some might agree made the reality show really popular.

With a banging body and a lot of drama to go with it, Kim is one of the most popular and hottest female reality TV stars of all time.

27.) Ivanka Trump

ivanka trump hottest female reality tv stars

Yin Bogu Xinhua / Eyevine / Redux

  • Reality Show: The Apprentice
  • Years running: 2008-2017

As controversial as Donald Trump is, we can all agree that his daughter, Ivanka, is a stunner. Ivanka was featured on the reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice with her father.

With a father like that, however, there is a slim chance you will get all the spotlight. Still, we agree that Ivanka is one of the hottest female reality TV stars of all time.

26.) Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner hottest female reality tv stars

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People

  • Reality Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • Years running: 2007-present

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is probably one of the most popular reality TV shows in America, but the cast is popular too. One thing the Kardashians have in their gene is beauty. Kendall Jenner is that and more.

She deserves a spot on this list of the hottest female reality TV stars of all time.

25.) Farrah Abraham

Farrah abraham hottest female reality tv stars

Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

  • Reality Show: Teen Moms
  • Years running: 2008- present

How would you explain Farrah Abraham to someone who knew nothing about reality TV? Basically, people love her because her life’s a crazy train wreck at times.

She first rose to national attention on a show about not making great life decisions, Teen Mom, as an aspiring model. True to the show, Abraham always seemed a little more interested in herself (and her boob job) than she was in her daughter Sophia. Still, she was probably on to something when she dreamed of being a model.

24.) Jessica Simpson


The News Of

  • Reality Show: Nick and Jessica
  • Years running: 2003-2005

Less of a drama queen and more of a show-stopping diva, Jessica Simpson might break the reality star mold by being quite talented. Yes, Jessica has the whole package — looks, skill and popularity. Now if she could just remember the difference between tuna and chicken!

The show portrayed her as a dumb blonde, but it still launched her movie career. She eventually got to parade around in cut-off jeans and bikini tops in the Dukes of Hazard remake.

23.) Amber Mariano

amber mariano hottest female reality tv stars

Stuff Magazine

  • Reality Show: Survivor
  • Years running: 2000-present

Amber Mariano (nee Brkich) was somewhat of a surprise contestant on the All-Star edition of Survivor because she was shy and unconfrontational in her first stint on the show. In fact, she only made it on the show because someone else dropped out. But there was something different about Amber this time; she was shrewd, cunning and drop dead gorgeous.

Quickly partnering with her eventual husband Boston Rob, Amber showed off a sexier, more boisterous side that we just couldn’t resist. Apparently, neither could anyone else, as she eventually won the competition in addition to our hearts.

22.) Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

Cocktails and Fashion

  • Reality Show: The City
  • Years running: 2008-2010

Somewhat infamous before she entered the reality TV realm, Olivia Palermo had been a renowned socialite in New York for a few years before starring on The City. The passive-aggressive and underhanded tricks she learned in the posh world of New York’s upper crust made her the perfect foil to innocent and unassuming Whitney Port.

Whitney was bright and fresh-faced; Olivia is dark and mischievous, yet surprisingly charismatic. Best of all, she has a stomach that you can bounce quarters off, and she flaunts it regularly while beach vacationing.

21.) Audrina Patridge

audrina patridge hottest female reality tv stars

Erik Kabik/RETNA/Wet Republic

  • Reality Show: The Hills
  • Years running: 2006-2010

Say whatever you want about The Hills: it was scripted, it was staged, it was boring, it was revolting. All fairly valid points. But you have to admit that, in its time, The Hills and its associated shows introduced some impressive talent that hasn’t fallen off our babe-dar since.

Enter Audrina Patridge, who was the only one who seemed to have relatable problems during the show’s six seasons. Patridge struggled with romance and her professional career, and all we wanted to do was hold her and tell her it would be okay. Audrina still rocks her life like a runway every day, and she seems to have grown in beauty and confidence since the end of the show’s run. We hope we’ll get to see a whole lot more of her in the future.

20.) Holly Madison

holly madison


  • Reality TV Show: Girls Next Door
  • Years Active: 2003-2009

Madison was known as Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend. If you watched the show, she was almost a mom figure to the other women in the house.

When she left the house, the former reality star wrote a book explaining how terrible the Playboy Mansion was.

19.) Heidi Montag

heidi montag

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: The Hills
  • Years Active: 2006-2010

When she first went on the Hills, she was known as Lauren Conrad’s BFF.

Then things went south when she met her now-husband, Spencer Pratt.

18.) Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard

s_bukley / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: Flavor of Love and I Love New York
  • Years Active: 2006-2009

You might know her as Ms. New York instead of Tiffany Pollard.

She was so popular on Flavor of Love that she got her own spin-off show, I Love New York.

17.) Katharine McPhee

katharine mcphee

JStone / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: American Idol
  • Years Active: 2005

McPhee was the runner-up of American Idol.

She was the brunette woman who had powerful vocals.

16.) Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O'Day

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: Making the Band 3
  • Years Active: 2005-2006

O’Day was the breakout star of Diddy’s old reality show on MTV.

She was a member of Danity Kane but was fired for having a bad girl image.

15.) Paris Hilton

paris hilton

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: The Simple Life
  • Years Active: 2003-2007

Paris Hilton is a hot girl who is famous for being famous. She loves being in the spotlight at any chance she can get. Her reality show on E! premiered showing her and Nicole Richie living a simple life.

Whatever she was doing on the show, she managed to pretty doing it.

14.) Jillian Michaels

jillian michaels

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: The Biggest Loser
  • Years Active: 2006-2013

The star of the reality show, The Biggest Loser, rose to fame because of her no BS attitude.

Fans got to see her in an environment that gave the contestants tough love to face their weight loss journey.

13.) Vanessa Simmons

vanessa simmons

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: Run’s House
  • Years Active: 2005-2006

People have said that Vanessa Simmons was famous before appearing on a reality TV show because of her dad, Joseph Simmons.

When MTV aired Run’s House, Vanessa emerged as the hottest and most loved cast member.

12.) Kristin Cavallari

kristin cavallari

Tinseltown / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Shows: Laguna Beach, The Hills, Very Cavallari
  • Years Active: 2004-2005, 2009-2010, 2018-Present

Cavallari was known as the mean girl on Laguna Beach. Fans loved to hate her. Then she appeared on The Hills where people started to notice her again and became one of the hottest reality stars.

Now, she is raising a family and running a business on a new reality show, Very Cavallari.

11.) Brooke Hogan

brooke hogan

s_bukley / Shutterstock

  • Reality TV Show: Hogan Knows Best
  • Years Active: 2005-2007

Hogan Knows Best was focused around Hulk Hogan’s life outside of wrestling. Brooke Hogan, his daughter, was only a teenager when the show first aired.

Over the course of the show, she blossomed into a woman with goals. Her popularity skyrocketed when she got her own reality show and started releasing music.

10.) Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad

Dooley Productions/Shutterstock

  • Reality Show: Laguna Beach and The Hills
  • Years running: 2004-2006 and 2006-2009

She played the good girl on two reality TV shows. She was able to land an internship with Teen Vogue and start her clothing line.

She is gorgeous, rich, and now has a family.

9.) Snooki



  • Reality Show: Jersey Shore and Snooki and JWoww
  • Years running: 2009-2018 and  2012-2015

Snooki is a reality TV personality who became famous on Jersey Shore. Since leaving the show, she is still a pop culture reference for all the shenanigans she got herself into.

Now Snooki is a mom and still wants to have a good time.

8.) Lala Kent

lala kent

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

  • Reality Show: Vanderpump Rules
  • Years running: 2015-2019

Apparently, Kent is gorgeous and hot which sent other women in the show on a flight of jealousy. Despite all, the young model and singer has the way of fame and wealth before her.

The girl has the raw material of a superstar; however, all she needs to do is to work more till she reaches more reality tv shows.

7.) Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian


  • Reality Show: Keeping Up With The Kardashians 
  • Years running: 2007-Present

As a mom of three, this Kardashian is doing well at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Kourtney is natural when it comes to her body and has the best curves. She is the shortest sister, but she is the most outspoken.

6.) Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood


  • Reality Show: American Idol
  • Years running: 2005

Underwood won American Idol and she has turned from a small town girl to a gorgeous singer.

She has feisty and empowering lyrics.

5.) Carrie Ann Inaba

carrie ann inaba


  • Reality Show: Dancing With the Stars
  • Years running: 2005-Present

This judge proves you can still be sexy sitting behind the desk.

With her charm, wit, and bright smile, Inaba knows how to work a camera!

4.) Cheryl Cole

cheryl cole

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

  • Reality Show: The X Factor
  • Years running: 2008-2011, 2014-2016

This British pop singer earned fame when we won a place in the band, Girls Aloud. She then had a solo career that was very successful!

Because of all her success, she was a judge on the X Factor for a number of seasons.

3.) Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson


  • Reality Show: American Idol
  • Years running: 2004

This singer was supposed to win American Idol because of her powerful voice, but she didn’t.

Now she is a Grammy and Oscar winner who has a sexy figure.

2.) Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera


  • Reality Show: The Voice
  • Years running: 2011-2016

Aguilera has been in the spotlight all of her life. Recently, she decided to add a reality show judge to her resume.

She is a mentor who helps singers get into the industry.

1.) Coco Austin

coco austin

Sky Cinema/Shutterstock

  • Reality Show: Ice Loves Coco
  • Years running: 2011-2013

Coco is the better (and hotter) side of Ice-T.

She is always showing off her curves and she is a proud model with a great personality.

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