Want a Beautiful Yard? These Are 5 Great Plants to Consider

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These days, most of us are so busy we don’t really have the time to devote to maintaining a complicated outdoor garden. We do want our yards to look nice, though and not like some ghetto wasteland of tumbleweeds and tin cans, so devoting a little bit of time to outdoor landscaping is worth the time. There are a few easy outdoor plants that add drama and design to your yard – also known as sculptural plants since they usually have shapes and lines that are more interesting than your ordinary outdoor bush. So take a look at these five plants and see which ones might work for your yard and your climate.

5 Salvia

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This is an eye-catching plant that has bright purple blooms on top of green stems and leaves. Most smell amazing and in some cases they’re actually edible. You might not want to eat them right from the ground but you can research some dishes that might work well with the plant. Besides purple the flowers can be blue, pink, red, yellow or white and they attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The splash of color will brighten up your yard, and they’re easy to grow, just put them in a sunny spot that is well drained.

4 Fountain Grass

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This is a tall, perennial grass that can grow up to four feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. During summer and fall, the grass sprouts beautiful white plumes that catch the sunlight. This type of grass likes a well-drained location with plenty of sun, but it will tolerate all kinds of weather, which is why it’s another easy one to grow. It tends to die out in the winter months, so you can dig it up and grow it indoors until spring, or plant it each year.

3 Yarrow

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These colorful plants are perennials and they’re very easy to maintain. They have green foliage and the blooms can be peach, yellow, pink, rose or white and are very aromatic. Yarrow is easy to grow and likes full sun. The plants also attract bees and butterflies, which can be a plus in most gardens and yards. The plant doesn’t like or need fertilizer and they’re very drought tolerant.

2 Phormiums (aka New Zealand flax)

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These versatile plants come in several sizes and colors, so you can go with smaller, container-enclosed plants to huge shrubs. They’re great in all types of soil, and they like some sun but are tolerant of most conditions – easy! If you live in a colder climate and notice that the leaves were damaged by frost, just remove the damaged leaves and they will grow back when the weather warms up.

1 Yuccas

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The nicest, most visually pleasing yuccas tend to have sharp points or spikes, so be careful when planting them that they’re out of reach of babies and small children. Yuccas like well-drained soil and sheltered, enclosed gardens with lots of sunlight, almost like a desert environment. They grow best in containers so you can pick colorful containers or shapes that add some flair to your garden. They’re also highly tolerant of drought and do well in coastal gardens. They’re versatile and easy to grow – they like pots best but can also thrive in the earth too.

Depending on your style and taste, you can experiment with these different, easy to grow plants and see what works best for you. They’re no fuss and hassle free, so you’ll have plenty of time to just sit back and watch them grow.

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