5 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Look Washed Up in Person

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The pressure on celebrities to look young and beautiful is enormous—but it’s understandable that even the most careful celebrities are occasionally caught going about their daily business without tons of makeup and perfect hair. Men at least have it a little easier: how the public is used to seeing them in photos or onscreen is much closer to how they really look. Some celebrities though, especially women who look gorgeous onscreen, may shock you with their in-person appearance.

5 Katie Holmes: Looks Older Than Her Years

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Both before and after Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has been caught looking washed out all around the world. No matter the continent or the time, Holmes just doesn’t show that adorable beauty anywhere but in magazines or on TV. The better half of TomKat may have freed herself from her Scientologist ex-husband and no one can say that she wasn’t awesome on “Dawson’s Creek,” but she is just too young to look so pale and tired all the time.

4 Kate Hudson: Like Mother Like Daughter

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Kate Hudson is an undeniable beauty like her mother, Goldie Hawn, but just like Mom, much of Kate’s looks disappear when the makeup comes off. With makeup, the actress looks stunning, radiant even. When she goes au naturel, she looks okay but definitely washed out. Unlike her mother, Kate at least still looks somewhat like her glamorous self, just a paler, blander version. As she ages though, she’ll likely start to look…older.

3 Britney Spears: Somebody Get Her to a Dermatologist

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Get too close to Britney Spears and the illusion is ruined. Brit’s breakdown, motherhood, and nasty smoking habit took the once fresh-faced Mouseketeer and turned her into a nightmare you don’t want to look at directly. Her skin is terrible, eyes sunken, and hair typically a mess. With a pound of makeup and favorable lighting, she’s gorgeous. But you don’t want to see this wild child in her natural habitat.

2 Goldie Hawn: Nothing Golden in Real Life

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Goldie Hawn is an incredible actress and a strong individual, but if you see her in real life without a makeup artist and a lighting crew, she might scare you. Her skin is blotchy and her blond eyebrows and eyelashes are tough to see. About the only mark of her beauty she retains is her gorgeous blue eyes. That’s one thing time can’t take away from her.

1 Kate Moss: Supermodel Looks Super Scary

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Kate Moss is one the world’s most beautiful supermodels. She’s so attractive that Kanye West snubbed all African-American beauties in his song “Stronger” with the line “You can be my black Kate Moss tonight.” But Moss’s lifestyle has not been kind. Off the runaway and away from the cameras, she’s at best washed out and at worst shockingly unattractive.

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