5 Formerly Common Professions That No Longer Exist

As the times change, so too do the needs of society and the ways in which those needs can be met. Sometimes a given society will cease to have an interest in a certain commodity or pastime; sometimes a new technology will come along that revolutionizes the way a certain task is performed.

Thus it is that there are many jobs that don’t exist anymore. And we don’t mean a large number of jobs of a given description are “lost”; we mean the entire job description itself vanishes. If one of these professions is on your resume, you might want to do a bit of updating before your next meeting with a hiring manager.

5.) Town Crier

jobs that dont exist anymore town criers


Before the days of the Internet, there was the radio and the telephone. Before the days of the radio and the telephone, there was some guy walking around ringing a bell yelling stuff but these are jobs that don’t exist anymore. He was the town crier, AKA the bellman, and his calls of “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” prefaced the spread of vital information, usually about comical acts of oafishness or about an impending attack by the British army. The cry was usually accompanied by the ringing of a large hand bell.

The town crier also had the important job of informing townspeople of the latest news, proclamations and bylaws ass many people were illiterate and didn’t have any other way of knowing.

Now, you may still hear “Hear Ye!” at ceremonials, fetes and local events.